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 Long hair play04  Long hair play04 エリ  1,000YEN   299 
 I was playing with long hair. Brushing. Ponytail. Tight ponytail. I pull the hair. The comfortable hair hurts I was soo… 
 Long hair play03  Long hair play03 エリ  1,000YEN   353 
 Long long black hair. The playing in the hair to dry this hair. Video is about 10 minutes 
 Bind tightly to hair02  Bind tightly to hair02 エリ  1,700YEN   879 
 I long to twin hair. Many pieces will be tied tightly with a rubber band thick twin. Tightly fastening the hair is pain… 
 Long hair play02  Long hair play02 エリ  600YEN   573 
 Long straight hair, long black hair ponytail, tied to the twin I get to play. If I get enough playing with her ​​hair t… 
 hairhang  hairhang エリ  200YEN   1251 
 I hanging it on the hair bun. This is a sweet and painful condition of the hair being pulled when you release the foot.… 
 Bind tightly to hair  Bind tightly to hair エリ  700YEN   634 
 I long hair into ponytail. Many pieces will be tied tightly in a thick ponytail rubber band. Tightly fastening the hair… 
 hairhang  hairhang エリ  300YEN   1628 
 I hung it in a ponytail hair. The hair is pulled painful. The hair just totally hanging state. The wmv file. Is 12.8MB.… 
 きつくツインテール&髪の毛遊び  きつくツインテール&髪の毛遊び エリ  1,000YEN   1016 
 The video will have great hair in tightly twin. I tied one thick rubber band to 10. The last play to pull the hair is t… 
 Long hair play  Long hair play エリ  1,000YEN   602 
 Long hair ponytail, tied to the twin I get to play. Brushing your hair. I have the best hair shine and movement. The 10… 
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