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二人の巨乳妻とセールスレディ パート2
二人の巨乳妻とセールスレディ パート2

二人の巨乳妻とセールスレディ パート3
二人の巨乳妻とセールスレディ パート3



    NAME   CONSIGNOR   PRICE   Page View    
 Housewives' Secret Parties  Housewives' Secret Parti… J-Leskiss  1,200YEN   641 
 Nobuko and Tamae meet in secret. The two housewives swap tongue and lip passionately on the bed. Several days later the… 
 女教師と教え子の母  女教師と教え子の母 J-Leskiss  900YEN   509 
 女子高の教師・智美は教え子の母親の依頼を受けて家庭訪問。娘の進路の相談と言う話だったが母親の誘いを断りきれず唇を許してしまう。車内でのキスも収録。 出演:美原ゆうこ(48)、永井智美(40) 
 Kisses in the Office Chapter 1  Kisses in the Office Cha… J-Leskiss  900YEN   906 
 An office girl sits at her desk doing paper works. President Saori arrives and gets the girl to make out with her. Plen… 
 DVD Video Party  DVD Video Party J-Leskiss  1,300YEN   594 
 A housewife finds a kissing dvd that her husband has hidden and watch it with her girlfriends. Soon enough they find th… 
 Two Housewives in Love  Two Housewives in Love J-Leskiss  1,200YEN   1009 
 Yukari and Chikage are totally in love with each other. They savor and devour each other's lips and tongues with a stea… 
 Valentine's Kisses  Valentine's Kisses J-Leskiss  1,000YEN   640 
 It's Valentine's Day. Eriko gives the chocolate to her GF Yoshino. What the girlfriend reciprocate is the passionate ki… 
 Seduced by Her Stepdaughter Part Two  Seduced by Her Stepdaugh… J-Leskiss  700YEN   487 
 Kyoko and Rin savor and devour each other's lip and tongue on halfway up the stairs. If you love sensual lesbian kissin… 
 わき舐めレズ  わき舐めレズ J-Leskiss  300YEN   449 
 吉沢江里子が平松恵理香のわきの下を舐めまくるショートクリップ! 出演:平松恵理香(30)、吉沢江里子(44) 
 Ass Worshiping Fun  Ass Worshiping Fun J-Leskiss  1,000YEN   731 
 Chinatsu is crazy about Ass Worship! She really gets into the two girls' big ass, kisses and licks their pantyhosed/bar… 
 After The Tennis Lesson  After The Tennis Lesson J-Leskiss  900YEN   679 
 After the tennis lesson the coach gives her student a massage. She then gets her lip closer to the student while she is… 
 Madam Meets a Business Girl Chapter One  Madam Meets a Business G… J-Leskiss  1,200YEN   504 
 Madam Sayuri,who loves to kiss,calls a business girl to get rid of her frustrations. They kiss each other passionately… 
 Tongue Sucking Exercise  Tongue Sucking Exercise J-Leskiss  700YEN   992 
 Yuriko and Momo are working together at a sexual massage shop. While they exercise tongue sucking, they both are turned… 
 Madam Meets a Business Girl Chapter Two  Madam Meets a Business G… J-Leskiss  1,100YEN   623 
 The Madam calls the business girl again to return the favor. She let the girl sit on the chair and gives her very sensu… 
 The Wife and the Mistress  The Wife and the Mistress J-Leskiss  1,200YEN   788 
 Kiriko has a visit an older woman. The mature woman is the wife of a man with whom Kiriko is recently involved. To be s… 
 足舐めレズ  足舐めレズ J-Leskiss  300YEN   717 
 吉沢江里子が平松恵理香の足を舐めまくるショートクリップ! 出演:平松恵理香(30)、吉沢江里子(44) 
 熟艶(じゅくえん) セット販売  熟艶(じゅくえん) セット販売 J-Leskiss  4,000YEN   350 
 Kisses in the Office Chapter Two  Kisses in the Office Cha… J-Leskiss  1,400YEN   765 
 Mio,an employee of another company,visits Saori's office to apologize for the damage her company caused. The price she… 
 Frantic Threesome Kisses  Frantic Threesome Kisses J-Leskiss  1,600YEN   732 
 Eriko has two mature girlfriends. She kisses the girls one after another and then requires them to kiss each other. The… 
 Jealousy Part Two  Jealousy Part Two J-Leskiss  1,100YEN   586 
 Yukari is jealous that her lover Shino has another girlfriend Chikage. She visits Shino's room but only to find out tha… 
 熟唾(うれつば) セット販売  熟唾(うれつば) セット販売 J-Leskiss  4,000YEN   387 
 Kissing - Chinatsu & Kaoru  Kissing - Chinatsu & Kao… J-Leskiss  1,100YEN   855 
 This is their first tie on film together.Chinatsu and Kaoru close together in some positions as they deeply kiss with a… 
 3-Some Kissing Party  3-Some Kissing Party J-Leskiss  1,400YEN   634 
 Chinatsu is put in between Kyoko and Kaoru and is received their passionate lips and tongues. Needless to say she is tu… 
 Panic in Elevator  Panic in Elevator J-Leskiss  1,200YEN   633 
 Tomomi and Mikage are office workers in different companies. The elevator they take together suddenly stops and the doo… 
 熟情(じゅくじょう) セット販売  熟情(じゅくじょう) セット販売 J-Leskiss  3,800YEN   586 
 Reading A Gardening Magazine  Reading A Gardening Maga… J-Leskiss  1,000YEN   521 
 While reading a gardening magazine,Eriko wants to kiss Remi. Remi is hesitant at first but soon gets into their passion… 
 Kisses Sweeter Than Ice Cream  Kisses Sweeter Than Ice… J-Leskiss  1,400YEN   438 
 Kyoko and Rin are housewives living in the same condo. One day they get together in the kitchen, Kyoko shows her tongue… 
 Jealousy Part One  Jealousy Part One J-Leskiss  1,100YEN   362 
 Yukari is jealous that her lover Shino has another girlfriend Chikage. She visits Shino's room but only to find out tha… 
 キスの宴 セット販売  キスの宴 セット販売 J-Leskiss  3,800YEN   337 
 お尻舐めレズ2  お尻舐めレズ2 J-Leskiss  300YEN   322 
 吉沢江里子が平松恵理香のお尻を舐めまくるショートクリップ!(アナルではありませんのでご注意ください) 出演:平松恵理香(30)、吉沢江里子(44) 
 パジャマでキッス  パジャマでキッス J-Leskiss  600YEN   231 
 家族を捨てて同居している江里子と恵理香。眠気眼のベッドと洗面室で朝っぱらからくり返されるディープなベーゼ! 出演:平松恵理香(30)、吉沢江里子(44) 
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