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Princess with an inflatable orca 2,500YEN (TAX INC.)
Princess with an inflatable orca
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Bondage & Breath control play in the inflatable orca.

A man is forced to put on double zentai and he is tied strict by the princess Lione.
Then he is pushed into a double layered inflatable orca.

Human inside of the orca must feel strict bondage by the pressure.
No one can escape from the inside of the orca.
Of course the breath is made difficult, too.

He can breathe from a breathe-tube, but it is not enough to get fresh air.
He struggles hard but he can't escape at all and his struggling makes him more difficult to breathe.

The princess played with the orca.
She covered the breath-tube by her finger or with a plastic bag.
And she turns on a remote of something often.
When she turns on it, some vibration sounds from inside of the orca.

Even if the captured man feels fear of the dark and of the extreme bondage inside of the orca, or he feels pleasure and ecstasy, the appearance of the orca looks simply cute.

After long time, she got satisfy and she left the orca alone in the room.

Genre: Inflatable float bondage (Breath control)

【Tags】 Wabi-Sabi-Moe Femdom Orca Inflatable Kigurumi Bondage SM DID Breath control Suffocation Cosplay mistress Fetish
Product id 492743
File Name wsm_princess_orca_gc.mp4
File Size 238.41 MB
Registration Date Saturday, March 12, 2016
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