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[Naughty] My First Footjob (POV) Video
[Naughty] My First Footjob (POV) Video

[Naughty] High School Sister JOI Video
[Naughty] High School Sister JOI Video

[Naughty] Shrine Maiden JOI Video
[Naughty] Shrine Maiden JOI Video

[Naughty] Yae Miko JOI Video
[Naughty] Yae Miko JOI Video

Nahida's Feet Video
Nahida's Feet Video

 SELF-INTRODUCTION snowysoftfeetのゆいです!20歳大学生です〜


    NAME   CONSIGNOR   PRICE   Page View    
 Atago Taking off Stockings Video  Atago Taking off Stockin… snowysoftfeet  200YEN   104 
 Duration: 0:33 Atago takes off her black thigh highs 
 POV Feet Exercise Video  POV Feet Exercise Video snowysoftfeet  1,400YEN   75 
 Duration: 4:47 A POV angle of me exercising before sleep. 
 Ink Footprint 1 Video  Ink Footprint 1 Video snowysoftfeet  1,300YEN   64 
 Duration: 2:59 Part 1 is preparation, and making my feet dirty with ink! 
 Transparent High Heels Video  Transparent High Heels V… snowysoftfeet  1,300YEN   80 
 Duration: 4:25 I wear transparent high heels and show off my feet and legs. Then, I take them on and off and play with… 
 2022-06 Set "Black Thigh Highs and Gym Uniform"  2022-06 Set "Black Thigh… snowysoftfeet  3,000YEN   49 
 37 foot fetish photos 
 Baby Oil On Feet Video  Baby Oil On Feet Video snowysoftfeet  1,500YEN   46 
 Duration: 5:09 Me getting my feet rubbed in baby oil by my photographer. There is also a little bit of tickling, my voi… 
 POV Feet Exercise 3 Video  POV Feet Exercise 3 Video snowysoftfeet  2,000YEN   145 
 Duration: 6:47 A POV angle of me exercising my feet. 
 Changing Stockings and Skirt Video  Changing Stockings and S… snowysoftfeet  900YEN   107 
 Duration: 1:40 
 Office Lady Feet Stretch Video  Office Lady Feet Stretch… snowysoftfeet  450YEN   91 
 Duration: 3:05 I hurt my feet during a hike...! I wear an office lady uniform and show my feet in all kinds of angles 
 Bathtime Feet Video  Bathtime Feet Video snowysoftfeet  600YEN   56 
 Duration: 2:13 A close up of my soles and toes during bath. 
 2022-01 Set "Barefoot Office Lady"  2022-01 Set "Barefoot Of… snowysoftfeet  3,000YEN   100 
 40 foot fetish photos 
 2021-07 to 2021-12 Photo Sets  2021-07 to 2021-12 Photo… snowysoftfeet  15,000YEN   83 
 All photo sets from 2021-07 to 2021-12. It is sold at a cheaper price! 
 Strawberry Sandals Video  Strawberry Sandals Video snowysoftfeet  1,700YEN   45 
 Duration: 6:05 Wearing strawberry sandals and showing my feet. 
 Recovered Feet Exercise Video  Recovered Feet Exercise… snowysoftfeet  2,250YEN   42 
 Duration: 9:17 Stretching my feet after my feet has recovered after hiking. 
 Bottlecap Video  Bottlecap Video snowysoftfeet  200YEN   39 
 Duration: 1:12 A bottle cap is so hard to open... especially with feet! You're willing to give me a rewards if I do!? T… 
 Megumin Restrained Video  Megumin Restrained Video snowysoftfeet  300YEN   355 
 Duration: 00:58 Megumin is captured by the enemy! They decide to do things to her feet, thighs, and more... This is a t… 
 Atago's Soles Video  Atago's Soles Video snowysoftfeet  200YEN   170 
 Duration: 0:14 Atago stretches her feet in her room. 
 2022-05 Set "Sayu Ogiwara"  2022-05 Set "Sayu Ogiwar… snowysoftfeet  3,000YEN   114 
 74 foot fetish photos 
 [Naughty] Red Sexy China Dress JOI Video  [Naughty] Red Sexy China… snowysoftfeet  7,200YEN   109 
 Duration: 16:36 Welcome to the china dress relaxtion massage parlor! Today, Yui will make yo ufeel good! English subtit… 
 2023-05 Set "Nurse"  2023-05 Set "Nurse" snowysoftfeet  3,000YEN   103 
 110 foot fetish photos 
 Yae Miko Feet Cleaning Video  Yae Miko Feet Cleaning V… snowysoftfeet  725YEN   100 
 Duration: 01:55 Traveller, clean my feet with the towels you have there.  
 Yae Miko Nail Painting Video  Yae Miko Nail Painting V… snowysoftfeet  1,500YEN   95 
 Duration: 04:23 Traveller, paint my nails red for me... wait, you are very bad at this, aren't you? I'll do it myself... 
 Playing with Water Video  Playing with Water Video snowysoftfeet  600YEN   75 
 Duration: 2:13 
 Taking off Stockings Video  Taking off Stockings Vid… snowysoftfeet  200YEN   43 
 Duration: 0:26 Me taking off my black stockings slowly in the shower. 
 Shrine Maiden Purification Video  Shrine Maiden Purificati… snowysoftfeet  1,800YEN   199 
 Duration: 5:46 Shrine maiden purifying your evil thoughts with her magic. 
 Succubus Feet Exercise Video  Succubus Feet Exercise V… snowysoftfeet  1,800YEN   157 
 Duration: 12:32 Succubus practises her skills of seduction with her feet. My feet was injured and in its recovered peri… 
 2023-10 Set "Jirai Girl on the Sofa" VIP Face Reveal R16 Set  2023-10 Set "Jirai Girl… snowysoftfeet  2,100YEN   108 
 7 R16 face reveal foot fetish photos 
 2023-10 Set "Jirai Girl on the Sofa" VIP Face Reveal Set  2023-10 Set "Jirai Girl… snowysoftfeet  1,000YEN   86 
 5 face reveal foot fetish photos 
 2022-04 Set "Casual Bed"  2022-04 Set "Casual Bed" snowysoftfeet  3,000YEN   85 
 21 foot fetish photos 
 2022-01 to 2022-06 Photo Sets  2022-01 to 2022-06 Photo… snowysoftfeet  15,000YEN   83 
 All photo sets from 2022-01 to 2022-06. It is sold at a cheaper price! 
 Tired Feet Close Up Compilation Video  Tired Feet Close Up Comp… snowysoftfeet  1,000YEN   78 
 Duration: 5:22 Close up of feet after long day of hiking. 
 2022-10 Set "Yukata Girl in Hallway"  2022-10 Set "Yukata Girl… snowysoftfeet  3,000YEN   65 
 42 foot fetish photos 
 Car Crush Video  Car Crush Video snowysoftfeet  2,300YEN   64 
 Duration: 8:25 Crushing a metal toy car with my feet. 
 2023-06 Set "Gym 2"  2023-06 Set "Gym 2" snowysoftfeet  3,000YEN   57 
 50 foot fetish photos 
 Hot Spring Video  Hot Spring Video snowysoftfeet  200YEN   55 
 Duration: 0:52 I took some videos of my feet at a hot spring during my trip~ 
 2022-11 Set "Yukata Girl Brought Home"  2022-11 Set "Yukata Girl… snowysoftfeet  3,000YEN   55 
 47 foot fetish photos 
 POV Feet Exercise 2 Video  POV Feet Exercise 2 Video snowysoftfeet  1,500YEN   50 
 Duration: 5:05 A POV angle of me exercising my feet. 
 2023-07 Set "Bikini"  2023-07 Set "Bikini" snowysoftfeet  3,000YEN   50 
 42 foot fetish photos 
 Casual Stretch before Sleep Video  Casual Stretch before Sl… snowysoftfeet  200YEN   40 
 Duration: 0:37 Let me stretch my feet before sleep~ 
 Taking off Stockings 3 Video  Taking off Stockings 3 V… snowysoftfeet  600YEN   28 
 Duration: 01:40 
 School Bullying Domination Video  School Bullying Dominati… snowysoftfeet  2,600YEN   285 
 Duration: 6:01 Roleplay of student bullying and dominating you. 
 Standing Video  Standing Video snowysoftfeet  1,400YEN   120 
 Duration: 5:12 Standing and showing my feet in many angles while speaking. 
 [Naughty] Childhood Friend Police JOI Video  [Naughty] Childhood Frie… snowysoftfeet  5,200YEN   109 
 Duration: 11:53 This time, the theme is: I am your childhoodfriend returning from work. I know that you've always looke… 
 2023-09 Set "Nahida 1"  2023-09 Set "Nahida 1" snowysoftfeet  3,000YEN   93 
 51 foot fetish photos 
 Cut and Paint Nails Video  Cut and Paint Nails Video snowysoftfeet  1,400YEN   91 
 Duration: 20:25 I cut and paint my nails! Since this is taken by myself and not my photographer, it is at a cheaper pri… 
 2023-04 Set "Yae Miko"  2023-04 Set "Yae Miko" snowysoftfeet  3,000YEN   90 
 44 foot fetish photos 
 2021-12 Set "Catgirl Maid"  2021-12 Set "Catgirl Mai… snowysoftfeet  3,000YEN   82 
 27 foot fetish photos 
 2021-11 Set "Stockings Student"  2021-11 Set "Stockings S… snowysoftfeet  3,000YEN   79 
 35 foot fetish photos 
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