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By pirating-like? [complete original] ≪ individual photography ≫


By pirating-like? [complete original] ≪ individual photography ≫
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This work is 208MB
It is pirating-like situation animation of one minute 41 seconds.
Because I discovered pretty jk which dozed off by a train
Because when I stood before and was going to photograph it, the neighbor became vacant
If this is lucky, I stage a sit-in
In an impossible angle (the world's first!)
I photographed doze jk
Hair is very good quickly, and the absentminded look is the best, too!
Because it was a pretty child, I am satisfied very much for me
Will there be really such a work pleased person; ?w?
High-resolution hi-vision recording
Because I photograph it with a high-resolution camera of Sony
Of a spy camera made in China if is high-resolution, levels are different!
When if watch rustle hair and a doze of pretty jk with much effort, is not high-resolution; nonsense!
I think, but how do all of you think of と?
Please fully look with the best high-resolution picture
I think that I can enjoy even a throw and top forwarding enough because I am high-resolution
・ The person appearing in this work confirms that I am older than 18 years old
・ This work is pirating-like situation photography
・ I forbid a transfer, resale, the reproduction to the second use, others firmly

【Tags】 A pirating style personal photography are high-resolution and are the first among a doze an absentminded look pretty hair
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