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MK5 Secret Agent Miki Captured Again Part1


MK5 Secret Agent Miki Captured Again Part1
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MK5 Secret Agent Miki Captured Again Part1

High Quality - approx 2000 kbps - Secret agent Miki has sneaked into warehouse, but she is found, , restrained with leather armbinder,and gagged in black leather catsuit and boots.

Japanese secret agent Miki has sneaked into enemy's warehouse to seak DVD disk.There would be important data in it. She found it between cardboard boxes, but unfortunately she was found by emeny guy. He has covered her mouth with cloth transfused , soon Miki has fallen asleep.
Miki has find herself her arms are restrained with arm binder,her legs are strapped with wide rubber belt,and her mouth is gagged with ball gag. She tries to get out from these restrains, but they are all so secure that she can just sturuggles on the floor.Soon Miki starts so much drooling behind ball gag, her saliva wetting her cat suit.
Then enemy guy comes near to her, grabs her face, and changs the gag to red panel gag. it has big ball behind panel, ball gag is fXXXXd into her mouth deeply, and strapped the belt tightly.
Miki moans helplessly again, rolling on the floor to get out and drooling so much behind the gag.

2000 kbps 720x540 in size shot with HDV camera
Running time 12minutes 14seconds.

【Tags】 bondage gag DID rope
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This Product In MK5-6 Captured Secret Agent Miki Again FULL
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Name:東京緊縛 Tokyo Bondage
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東京緊縛 -TokyoBondage-はマニア暦40年のスコット・サトーが、世界中のボンデージファンに贈る本格派ボンデージレーベルです。海外のマニアやプロデューサーも絶賛するハイクオリティなオリジナル着衣緊縛&猿轡画像を存分にお楽しみください。
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