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Masturbation Part 15 ☆ by Skype voice and cute girl



Schoolgirl of 16-year-old cute voice ☆
It is the voice of Skype etch and Nagisa-chan ☆
I have recorded the only voice of course girl ☆

Dream for the future of Nagisa-chan's voice actor ☆
So voice'm very cute ☆

Nagisa-chan is the constitution that we could turn to Lee immediately ☆
It was full to say the words naughty to enjoy more ☆
I There is also a Blow Job scene of Nagisa-chan ☆

Future Nagisa-chan become famous voice actor surely ☆
It is a very valuable voice Eroipu ☆

It is a complete original that I recorded personally ☆
It is a voice file 10 seconds 18 minutes, 29 seconds, 10 minutes, 35 seconds 3 minutes, 14 seconds total of 32 minutes ☆
Nagisa-chan has to Tsu Lee five times ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

Collecting contents

Audio file

File 1
- Flirt talk ☆
For 10 seconds Kiss ☆ 7 minutes and Nagisa-chan
· Minutes to etch start ☆ 12
• The "pervert but do you say? ☆" 45 seconds 13 minutes
· 55 seconds Vibe appearance ☆ 15 minutes
· 40 seconds ☆ 16 minutes Nagisa-chan that we could turn to Lee
· Minutes to start the second round ☆ 17
· 45 seconds ☆ 17 minutes Nagisa-chan that we could turn the stomach immediately
• The "felt good ☆"

2 files
• The "to Chu ☆"
• From the 50 second "Blow Nagisa-chan ☆" 3 minutes
• "I want to put this ○, for a period of high school girls ☆" 15 seconds 5 minutes
- From 10 seconds to etch start ☆ 8 minutes
For 10 seconds Nagisa-chan ☆ 9 minutes longer than usual stomach Vibe
• From the 30 seconds of the second round start ☆ 9 minutes
Nagisa-chan that we could turn to Lee ☆ 10 minutes
• "Come wash hand ☆"

3 files
Etch start at Vibe ☆
50-second sound ☆ 1 minute to spouty a call or get ○
• From 20 seconds Vibe ☆ 2 minutes
· 15 seconds ☆ 3 minutes Nagisa-chan that we could turn to Lee immediately
· "Noisy transformation ☆"

Image file
Is such as photo booth ☆
Face of Nagisa-chan comes out perfect ☆

Please check the cute voice of Nagisa-chan free sample ☆
Sample If you liked every means ☆ purchase

※ audio file is a high-quality mp3 of 320kbps.
※ This work is a work situation, it is not the content in violation of terms.
※ The model is 18 years old, I've been recording on the agreement.
※ I will ban Reproduction of this work, resale, secondary use.

【Tags】  High school girls Voice eavesdropping recording Skype Eroipu mp3 beautiful girl naughty naughty phone sex voice voice
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