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Masturbation Part 28 ☆ by Skype voice and cute girl



Female college student of 18-year-old cute voice ☆
It is a Skype voice etch Miyu (Miyu) of perfectly ☆
I have recorded the only voice of course girl ☆

Miyu (Miyu) chan girl living in Fukuoka ☆
Mind is solid strong, yet your face is very beautiful ☆
It is the female of the impression of "Hakata beauty" very ☆

Voice and shy of Miyu-chan, the pant voice naughty ...
Miyu-chan coming graces to become comfortably but have Tsuyoga~tsu until a while ago ☆
You merely ☆ etch too cute ☆

It is nothing but the naughty with such cute child
It is wonderful What really Eroipu ☆

Miyu-chan will take care of your mouth was full of love to the end ☆
Moment that a strong girl is defeated in comfortably I is the best ☆

It is a completely original work that I have personally recorded ☆
This is the file that matches the photograph and voice of 25 seconds 18 minutes ☆
It makes it even after Blow Miyu (Miyu) chan Tsu stomach chestnut ☆

Collecting contents

Audio file

-Talk and flirt Miyu-chan ☆
- "Can not no good ☆ ☆" 4 minutes and 30 seconds
50-second etch start ☆ 4 minutes
• "feels great chestnut hundred squirrel ☆" 50 seconds 6 minutes
• "are you in the middle finger ☆" 55 seconds 7 minutes
· 45 seconds "like to to etch Skype ☆" 9 minutes
• From 15 seconds kiss ☆ 10 minutes and Miyu-chan
• "feel good Eroipu ☆" 25 seconds 12 minutes
For 20 seconds and "seems to say ☆" 13 minutes
For 20 seconds and "I love you ☆" 14 minutes
• "I want to go together ☆" 50 seconds 14 minutes
For 10 seconds ☆ 15 minutes Miyu-chan that we could turn to Lee
• From 40 seconds kiss ☆ 15 minutes and Miyu-chan
• "out in the mouth I'll swallow ☆ ☆" 17 minutes
· "Ufufu ☆"

Image file
One is a photograph of Kaodashi Miyu wearing a suit (Miyu) Chan ☆

Please check the cute voice of Miyu-chan free sample ☆
Sample If you liked every means ☆ purchase

※ audio file is a high-quality mp3 of 320kbps.
※ This work is a work situation, it is not the content in violation of terms.
※ The model is 18 years old, I've been recording on the agreement.
※ I will ban Reproduction of this work, resale, secondary use.

【Tags】  student Voice eavesdropping recording Skype Eroipu mp3 beautiful girl naughty naughty phone sex voice voice panting g
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