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Seriously! ? It has become a serious thing and you invoke a mass


Seriously! ? It has become a serious thing and you invoke a mass
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" Is it bad ...? "

" Jupojupo ..."

" ? Naninani What? ? "

Hotel stay has been coming and going well Kanto , Kansai many so many recent business trip in particular .
I 'm often referred to as a massage every time you stay at a hotel .

Masseur aunt I 'm coming alternative that's hotel to stay always .

Well , but I 'm good to take the fatigue of the body massage , so good ... .

And to say that ,
And staying in another hotel that day
And I called the massage as usual .

Not that this is anything new to it , but I did not expect ... especially .

- "Hello " , nice to meet you ! "

Come on ! ?

Because I thought that it is a thing that her aunt come ,
Was Mashi Bikku-rakoki extra !

" It is cute ! "

Heisei girl born about would say involuntarily stood there.

Besides, it 's type to me.

My son I have already reacted at that time .

To hide it desperately massage first start in a prone position !

Although it was a normal massage ,
It would go to Bing is steadily just touched in a prone position ! !

"This is bad . "

Cover with conversation as Mai noticed , but something awkward ... .

When you massage it is on his back when doing so has had to come .

To such a cute girl
While being groped various places

My son had run off from ... bathrobe at last! !

She I know aware of it
Do not have to move the hips slowly and quietly to come across to me ... what .

" Unbearable ! "

When I kept desperately breath to become rough to think so

" ... Jupojupo . "

From the side of her saying " huh , huh " ... and .

"... . Can not Stand"

And , finally coalescing to come across from the side of her!

The fire in the position , as is, comfortably too much ! !

It is what you want to ask every business trip if there is such option .

In addition , you can designate when you go to next .

- Format video is WMV format .
· Girl has appeared in the video , we have call on .
· Girl has appeared in videos has confirmed they are 18 years of age or older .

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