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I gained some sleeping pills juice from lusty If you met for the SALE


I gained some sleeping pills juice from lusty If you met for the
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ⅷ In this volume , we are out the face completely .

Akane cousin came to play in this first time in three years .

If I had thought it elementary school up to this before , and I'm already a students .
Time flies it mon early .

I also - I from a college student already well .

However, although I was not able to see something as a woman at all ,
Toko leaving to become also a J → C indeed be coming out ...

So , w it is not got antsy

By mixing sleeping pills in juice that I always use ,
I have done just just Chai .


I thought it was dangerous , but it was not able to suppress the libido 

W has been angry mess later of course
I , I also happen to a mysterious 's lived just was angry .

You mean , wonder if there is a guy I care about ?

→ time and collecting contents →
WMV video file 23:06

- Blur , etc. does not depend on the face of the girl in this story .
· I prohibited any reproduction image , video , etc.
· Persons appearing in this work has confirmed that they are at least 18 years old

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