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To take final blow dormant Saddle sleeping pills in Lori black h SALE


To take final blow dormant Saddle sleeping pills in Lori black h
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※ In this volume , we are out the face completely .

Although I was a drinking party at home and university classmate ,
Women who had been drunk alone.

It is a cocoon of black hair Lori .

Because it looks pretty young , which is not visible to the college students ,
Delectable and celebrity on campus .

Because it has been involved as a friend from the usual Well ,
But I did not have a special feeling as I ...

If you see someone asleep in front of the eye after all ,
It is mon would antsy ( laughs)

Below , whole story .

And to not occur even if no matter how caused ,
The return home earlier because there is the last train everyone .

The only two people in the room .

But if you dabbled in this state ,
My eyes would be cool indeed .

So , the last train is gone completely
The force caused by the timing once the Na I would not go back again ,
I will give him the juice of sleeping pills into .

Sake because remaining ,
It does not stop or care about the juice lid is open .

To do the place where it was asleep afterward !

Spree spear Te Te doing it! ! !

※ We've put out , of course , we have clean up later .

In , eyebrows and to say ,

To come awake at noon the day before ,

It also no notice that it has happened to their
It went back to use if nothing had happened .

Great success this time (* ^ ^) v

★ time and collecting contents ★
WMV video file 22:39

- Blur , etc. does not depend on the face of the girl in this story .
· I prohibited any reproduction image , video , etc.
· Persons appearing in this work has confirmed that they are at least 18 years old

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