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Geki Rare File 02


Geki Rare File 02
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This is also a very famous ultra rare footage .
Although it is AIWA booth Auto Salon of 2002 ,
Video does not exist at all and wonder . ( Other than those of the booth this exists )
I myself , I am looking for are still in a frenzy .
It is why ...? !
I understand that it becomes to read the following reason .
Shooting conditions :
I think great sense of reality is comes through from the video .
There is no such pole around the car at the time.
There is no such Nubra and two press .
It had stuck the nipple in packing tape to costumes , but I have caught with sweat .
Nipple was out face to face with shimmering each time you move from side to side .
It was aimed at the nipple you clear ,
Its appearance was unusual sight any way you slice it ... .

- Rhea file 02 -
Duration: 01 seconds 19 minutes
Screen Size : 720x480
Movie Size : 381MB
Format : WMV

【Tags】 キャンギャル コスプレ コンパニオン パンティー 乳輪 ハミ毛 イベント 盗撮風 レースクイーン
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File Name KOZ-02.wmv
File Size 281.61 MB
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