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Pies defenseless state using the medicine on the way home drinki SALE


Pies defenseless state using the medicine on the way home drinki
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ⅷ It will terminate immediately Limited published !

The truth is I want to exhibit much
This limited time so scary After Barre .

It is a sophomore in Tokyo .

There is a circle of drinking often
Because I blessed the opportunity to approach a girl ,
I try to fit in the video when you get a chance .

NAME Yamagishi everyone ( 20 years)
For the second year in the same university with me ,
It is the women of freshly made ​​twenty years old .

Hair is not enough to stick to the shoulder ,
I would like to have dyed brown a little .

But whether you are properly care ,
There is also glossy cuticle .

Skin without a stain is fair ,
Is the beauty pearly like .

Contents of Video]
The mix sleeping pills with alcohol drinking ,
It is a thing of when I Tsurekon to home where it collapsed .

To only speak well is usually bright ,
The gap between the figure that is open to compromise with deep sleep
Some come fairly .

When I allowed to take off ,
And to have clean hair neatly over there ,
In fact, interest and Na I was a guy fairly beans .

While looking at the line of a beautiful body ,
I was allowed to fucked to one's heart's content .

Although it is a criminal act normally ,
I live in without getting caught so far .

But please do not imitate absolutely .
Because I do not take responsibility even been arrested .

Face has come out firmly in this volume
You may want to delete the video without prior notice . Please note .

WMV 21:01

I forbids any reproduction image , video , etc.
Persons appearing in this work has confirmed that they are at least 18 years old
Description is all fiction , including the age
I am in compliance laws , conventions

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