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Oral digital photo collection of [ DL limited pre-release ] Seto


Oral digital photo collection of [ DL limited pre-release ] Seto
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Oral digital photo collection of [ DL limited pre-release ] Seto urea

It will be available on June 10, 2014
" Tooth decay and tooth tourism silver ! From chewing tour / Seto urea " Rim face ,
Will be released oral digital photo collection .
Oral fetish image of Seto Yuria -chan
Please enjoy still images full size of 1920 * 1080 .

Sample image
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Product does not have high resolution , credit .

1920 * 1080
174 sheets
. jpg

. It is a zip file .
Please refer to unzip .

Below is a description of the DVD version .

Earnestly the oral cavity of the ultra- popular figure AV actress Seto urea -chan
We will explore , I was allowed to enjoy the chewing kiss Rim face .
Licked mushroom wax grip AV representative back to the origin this time
The place you want to see , we have been taking earnestly play .
Close-up tongue , the teeth , the uvula , gums observations put the opener ,
Spitting in toward the lens , close-up lens Rim ,
Intraoral chewing , kissing , licking face , Rim eyeball licking nose ,
And mouth-to-mouth ...... of chew , I stuck to the play of your mouth around
The contents of the lots .

Moreover, urea -chan this Seto ,
In spite of the pretty face
Tooth decay and also Ginha I have such .
This gap is I'm not Mase Yuli .

The Seto urea chan chewing kiss licking face
Slut nature will have been more than enough exercise .
In the face licking do a whole bunch also licking eyeball licking nose
It is a face of M Benrobero man until the saliva covered .
To be or spitting in the face from time to time ,
The charms also finest play for the spit fetish M man .
Moreover, the Tari me to eat in the mouth-to-mouth chews ,
Is there even one side and a gourmet ( ?)
Chewing of beauty , such as the Seto Yuria -chan
Nantes is eaten , there is no happiness like this .

It is a gem of recommended just for you a mouth fetish .

【Tags】 Seto urea oral cavity tongue saliva saliva chewing opener face licking kissing Spitting M man teeth tooth decay Gin
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