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The niece out waking up bondage restraint rXXe during a custody


The niece out waking up bondage restraint rXXe during a custody
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※ It will terminate immediately limited time published!

The truth is I want to exhibit much
You in a limited time, so scary and gets out.

(Video of this time does not I have taken)

In his sophomore in Tokyo,
And in such drinking circle usually
I have videotaped the women became friends.

In fact the other day, the store manager of the tavern that I have byte
I would have been arrested.

The reason that it is such as is contained in this video,
You think that it is because he has gone on a daily basis.

To begin with why I but I do have this video,
It is when you showed me by force to the store manager was drunk before,
This is because had been copied from the PC secretly.

Byte bill because had it will no longer fit in a matter of this time,
I will exhibit with the intention of earning pocket money.

Just when you between long exhibition
I might be arrested now.

Then to the public in a short period of time for that.

[Name] Rumi (☆ C1 ○ 2 years)
Although the video was the daughter of the last time,
I heard it's something that was taken when I keep my niece this.
It looks much unchanged with ☆ S almost.
I do not know it and pretty ☆ C and are not said to be congested.

[Contents of the Video]
Is manager of bytes destination that is arrested
The movie you showed me in the momentum that was drunk,
It is the thing that had been secretly copy.

When I was entrusted the niece's,
It seems to be a thing was taken.

Video of the fifth.
This is the last.

Is it could not be satisfied with only commit asleep,
The store manager you have to bare the desire finally.

Before niece's occurs,
It seems to have tied the hands and feet with a rope.

A niece who do not know the situation,
We will commit while pressed his mouth and not to make any noise.

To silence so as not to be rose to the parent last.
It is the devil guy after all.

're Reflected in this video it is a criminal offense definitely.

Please do not imitate absolutely.
It does not take responsibility even been arrested in iodide of store manager.

Face has come out firmly in the main
There is a possibility to remove the videos without notice. Please note.

WMV 21:12

I forbids any reproduction image, video, etc.
Persons appearing in this work has confirmed that they are at least 18 years old
Description is all fiction, including the age
I am in compliance laws, the Terms

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