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☆ K model Minami-chan series plainclothes → posing shot with l


☆ K model Minami-chan series  plainclothes → posing shot with l
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※ The exhibition becomes a limited time.

Because it also serves as a test marketing of previous DVD release,
Sale will end the decision as soon as published.

And I've been selling the videos and photos as a photographer until now but,
It was decided to launch a new company this time.

Video exiting in etch it, it will not in the AV,
That Fuck with clothes is a professional production company.

But sell suddenly in package are at increased risk.
That is why, it was decided to place a test sale at this site.

Since time than package products is becoming shorter,
That amount will be offered at special prices.

[Model name] Minami-chan (○ 7 years)
It seems to have been applied for in order to earn tuition.
Again great appearance with her also fatherless families.

Even though grown-up features like a photo
Somewhere irresistible gap between the maturing of the body.

But line from waist to hips is
I am a molding to let quite expected the future.

[Movies contents]
[Posing (plain clothes ver.]
Costume ... plain clothes, leopard print V-shaped front

Proven V-shaped swimsuit to Porori.
Also told me to meet the expectations this time.

I do not Utsuse under indeed,
Nipples I am leaving as a service shot.

It is said that wearing a swimsuit, etc.,
Costume is just pretty racy stuff.

In the sense, such as the normal idle of image video,
Please be avoided to buy.

Even given the claim that such "too obscene",
^^ Since it is not possible to be able to support us;

This volume also girl's face has been reflected firmly.
Because of this commodity is selling test, there is a possibility to remove the video without notice. Please note.

MPEG-4 (H.264) 9 minutes and 22 seconds

Description statement is all fiction, including the age
Law, I have been in compliance Terms
The model has confirmed that it is at least 18 years of age
I will take resolute measures to copyright infringement

【Tags】 Idol amateur personal photography uniforms gravure underwear original teen leg high school girls high school girls mi

【Ultimate FULL ぱ っ く】 Ultimate Clear series Amateur Model Minami
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