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☆ C model Karin-chan series open leg pose in Twister micro bik 900YEN (TAX INC.)
☆ C model Karin-chan series  open leg pose in Twister micro bik
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※ The exhibition becomes a limited time.

Since it also serves as a test marketing of the previous DVD release,
Sale will end the decision as soon as the public.

And I've been selling the videos and photos as photographer until now,
It was decided to launch this time new company.

Video to exit in etch and to not a AV,
In other words Fuck with clothes is a professional production company.

But sell suddenly in the package are at increased risk.
That is why, it was decided to place a test sale at this site.

Since time than package products we have become shorter,
That amount will be offered at special prices.

[Model name] Karin-chan (○ 4 years)
Of young appearance, Karin-chan.
Ordinary byte destination is the place where I was in trouble is not hard to find,
It seems to have arrived in here Models Wanted.
(Because the mother and child home and Toka wanted to ease the mother)

The Chippai to skinny body type.
Indeed looks enough I had not let the age verification.

[Work contents]
[Twister game in the last minute costume]
Costume ... micro bikini (black)

Racy pose in Twister game.

Karin-chan first experience of Twister.
I had the various ways racy pose mischief sincerity.

Since V zone also a smooth, beautiful even been to any posture.
However, because too much to the unreasonable pose riding in tone,
The next day seems to have been muscle pain and ··· w

And said that wearing such as swimwear,
Costume is just pretty racy stuff.

In the sense, such as the normal idle of image video,
Please be avoided to buy.

Even given the claim that such "too obscene",
^^ Since it is not possible to be able to support us;

This volume also girl's face has been reflected firmly.
Because of this commodity test sales, there is a possibility to remove the video without notice. Please note.

MPEG-4 (H.264) 10 minutes 54 seconds

Description is all fiction, including the age
Law, I have been in compliance Terms
The model has confirmed that it is at least 18 years of age
I will take resolute measures to copyright infringement

【Tags】  Idle amateur individual shooting uniforms gravure Skirt original Teen leg school girls high school girls junior high
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This Product In [Carefully selected set Ver.4] ☆ C model Karin ★ 2 This video ★
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