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☆ K model Mayu series oil massage leopard V-shaped swimsuit se


☆ K model Mayu series  oil massage leopard V-shaped swimsuit se
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※ exhibition becomes a limited time.

Since we also serve as a test marketing of the previous DVD release,
Sale will end the decision as soon as the public.

And we've been selling videos and photos as a photographer until now but,
It was decided to launch this time new company.

Video to exit in etch and even without any AV,
In other words wearing erotic is a professional production company.

But it sells suddenly in the package is high risk.
All in all, it was decided to place a test sale at this site.

Since time than package comprises becoming shorter,
That amount will be offered at special prices.

[Model name] Mayu (○ 6-year-old)
If there is interested in wearing erotic shooting K. and that has been applied for
I love it E~tsuChii, various things and studying.

Look but there are still still childishness,
Downright future is looking forward to a child.

[Work contents]
[Oil massage (my ver in.)]
Costume ... leopard print V-shaped swimsuit

Next to the shooting of oil massage.

It did addicted to the feel of oil,
A comfortably likely to face in earnest, Mayu.
The gesture is in the like are masturbation, I have excited to here that are shooting.

And he said that wearing such as swimwear,
Costume is just pretty racy stuff.

In the sense, such as the normal Idol of image video,
Please be avoided to buy.

Even given the claim that such "too obscene",
^^ Since it is not possible to be able to support us;

This volume also girl's face has been reflected firm.
Because of this commodity test sales, there is a possibility to remove the video without notice. Please note.

MPEG-4 (H.264) 11 minutes 48 seconds

Description statement is all fiction, including age
Law, it is in compliance with the Terms
The model has confirmed that it is at least 18 years of age
We will take decisive measures to copyright infringement

【Tags】 Idol amateur individual shooting uniforms gravure underwear original teens leg high school girls U-18 U-15 U-12 bea
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