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Free sample Japanese SM still picture



Because it is a still image
What is different from just a sample image on a free site?
I think normally
I am the same (laugh)

In that regard

After buying it was not such a huzz ( "^ ω ^) · · ·
I absolutely wanted to avoid doing something
As a sample before purchasing
Pick up one piece at random from the contents

Big size after purchase 1 piece ... It is quite large and may take time even for down

Size 2489 pixels x 3733 pixels
File size capacity is 4.54 MB

This is one piece ( '∀ `)

There are 123 sheets of purchased versions like this.

I put only one in adobe PDF version with it.

We make a total of 2 files as free files before purchase.
Please test by all means and purchase

(^ Ω ^) Regards death.

The following will be a description of the purchase version.

Tags: SM, amateur, tie, bondage, restraint, masochist, M woman, personal photography, individual shoot, magazine, post, apple, orange, pussy,

Around a while ago, but still not even digital camera or generalized yet,
It was around Kodak or Mt. Fuji 's film in Nikon or Canon' s Finrum camera.

Especially erotic I like photographs! (^ ^)! . .
We organize various erotic magazine companies and specialized magazines
Paying the membership fee to the photo shoot meeting using the model and the live filming society on site
I was taken personal shoots.
All the pictures taken are negative type of developing normally.
By being brought to a camera shop normally by a bad person (not being told 'Д ⊂ ヽ
It was treated as pervert ( "^ ω ^) · · · · It was scattered.

So if you consult the development department of a magazine company, it would be okay if the expenses for handling expenses were high. . .
If possible, I will be able to help you without hesitation if you post it at the same time (^ ^) /

It is told that it is told that we have a woman personally and post it to a magazine,
It has been developing for a long time to pay the commission fee.

I do not arrange various photos, but they are in large quantities.
Among them, the composition of the picture is good, the woman is good,
Also included is a snapshot that was also published in magazines, although it is a part.
Of course it is all my copyright.
I think that there may be a composition in a woman or memory that may have somehow looked
I think that there is no picture exactly the same as it was published in a magazine within the scope of my scope
It may seem that part of a series of consecutive negative films is posted in a magazine.
This time, I scanned the PC from the original negative film again
(It is not image scan from paper, yo ( 'ω') ノ

It was first released with maximum resolution.
I think that it is a level that appears beautifully even if it is seen with a 100-inch monitor.
It is image quality that is exactly equivalent to that of magazine printing at that time.
It is impossible for magazines or printed matter scans
Original negative film ownership is unique.
Just as in the domestic law, mosaic is putting in sickly
(O *. _.) O Pecott

Women who were on magazines of the time (I think that there was also an insertion photograph of erotic cartoons)
Try again or not to see the photos again
How about you and your comrades who want to see clearly?

Resolutions and sizes of public digital photos are various
It's roughly 3733 pixels x 2489 pixels
It is decorated out of the standard beautiful size.
I am convinced that it will be able to cope with the poster for the poster edition of the movie if it comes to that.

Still images
As the capacity was decked considerably, not only was the file compressed with ZIP
It is divided into two.
Also because of too big image
(Although it is from ultra high-quality negative film tape ... ...)
Even with smartphones or tablet for carrying, you can see it crisply
A PDF viewer file is also attached to the package (* ^. ^ *)
ZIP with 123 images divided into two
Adobe PDF viewer file
We listed the above three convenient files at once.

This time it is 123 pictures of 10 pictures of SM ticky atmosphere.

Some women who were face NG with sunglasses blindfold at the time of posting a magazine
Some time went by, there was a woman who published the first complete face of this time.

Even if I had a picture of a woman with a good feeling if there was a woman of your choice
I wonder if you can get the original price of the purchase price enough?
And I personally think
Like a present day it is not a digital camera
Because it is an expensive film era of Kodak
I hope you understand it.

Please check image quality etc. with sample.
It is set to be able to download the full size only one free of charge

゚ (゚ 'ω ゚) ゚.

【Tags】 Amateur married female college student private homemade masochist bondage restraint beautiful woman blindfold free sample
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