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【Pants sleeping】 Friendly beauty wife's panty voyeur voyeur and 1,200YEN (TAX INC.)
【Pants sleeping】 Friendly beauty wife's panty voyeur voyeur and
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Since I knew Gcolle, I have been completely possessed by the charm of pants voyeur. When I was invited to a friend 's house the other day, I took a picture of the wife' s panchira.

My wife is 27 years old. I met my wife at the time of these two wedding ceremonies, but I envied my friend honestly "I caught a good woman." I was even more jealous when I heard my past CA career. He is bilingual and smart and beautiful. Sometimes I take a high-ranking attitude that makes a fool of a man working for a third-rate company like me. I saw my annual income just before meeting this day. Despite answering a little bit, I was laughed at my nose. It is regrettable, but because she is a nice girl anyway, I could not say anything.

But she is an "idol" -like marriage to me who wanted to see her again if given the opportunity. I have used it on masturbation again and again. It is an embarrassing story, but I also made masturbation by making something like 'next-door collar' combining her face photo and bare photo.

Beautiful, tits are pretty big, legs are long, hips are also pre-made. It was my second time to be invited to the house, but at this time I was absolutely enthusiastic to take a voyeur.

I do not know exactly whether it is because there is a customer called me, but like mini skirt fashion as you can see. The mini skirt apron is super cute and cute. I'm really unbearable, I turned my smartphone at the preparedness of the death. If it gets loose, I repeat REC, a little, but I aimed in the wife's skirt.

It is tremendous tension and excitement. The desire to take pictures of his wife's pants won was worse than the fear that they might be arrested at the worst, which could collapse a friend relationship. I managed to take a picture without stealing, but I felt that the voyeur was really a drug.

When I stood in the kitchen, I helped pretending and I took a voyeur from behind. Although I am over the pantyhose, I got pants admirably. The hip is really big and impressive, the desire to touch panties and buttocks has brought about with Mukumuku. It was hard to endure.

And when my husband came out for dinner, it was the biggest match. While conversing face to face with his wife, I aimed the reverse triangular zone under the table. Erotic elongation from miniska, wrapping long legs Terra Terra Through this glowing stocking, I got nasty pants here as well. Honesty, it was a great satisfying harvest.

But God gave me more gifts. Today I spoke with my friend drinking while talking about it and staying until late time, but during that time my wife entered a bath and went to bed earlier. My perverted brain was sharpened to the utmost limit.

His wife's pants are in this house.

Such an alarm is ringing in the brain.

I was not bothered by myself anymore.

My head got filled with my wife 's pants.

How to get to the changing room, how to get the wife 's raw pants, full rotation of the head. Of course, Ochinchin is gingin.

Indeed erotic wisdom worked, and while talking seriously with a friend, when getting his wife 's pants, he was up to the plan to make a sensation. It is the worst while I am with you. It is a brain fight between me and my wife's pants that makes me feel reminiscent of "Death Note".

First of all, I checked whether my wife's freshly pants are real. I knew the location of the dressing room, so I said to go to the toilet and stand up. We could easily enter the changing room and grasp the position of the washing machine. While watching carefully not to notice a friend, when looking into the washing machine, there was a beautiful "sole" in the washing net. You should have taken off stockings and pants at the same time. Sore, who became crumpled, was clearly out of frenzy and she was erotically erotic. Hoka ... Hoka ... and his wife 's warmth remains.

Also, I was able to check super-erotic shoes stain. Is it osiko stain, is it incurable? Line stain was attached to the inside of the underpants. I was excited to be dizzy just by cunning the stain of my wife's pants with a chic. However, because it is suspected that it is too late, I will return it as "Foreplay" for the first time with "confirmation".

I will talk to my friends while filling my head with my wife's pants. While delivering a good story to improve staying time, I will gradually perform a stomach hurting feeling act. While thinking that I'm sorry for my friends who worry about it being okay, I was thinking about just "taking my wife's pants to sleep."

Even though my heart is hurt by a gentle friend who prepares an abdominal pain medicine, I will refuse my friend and stand up again, "I am a bit long because my stomach hurts." My actions were quick. Quickly, taking out the pants and stockings of a friend's wife from the washing net, we shoot several pieces with a smartphone. As it is, I will bring it to the toilet.

We released Ochinchin that kept erecting at once, and sprinkled the Ochinchi while using her friend's wife's pants as a snack. The smell of a tender woman with a tingle is super erotic. The smell and taste of his wife 's pants was really great.

The content I talked with my wife in the evening today appears like a running lamp. My wife who smiled at my nose when I heard my annual income. A wife who is happy to speak with her husband 's familiarity. A wife who smiled the man 's itinerance in the Japanese era in the CA era. A wife talking happily while eating supper ....

His wife, who had been having fun, put such a nasty stain on his pants. I reached it all at once, I got a semen in my pants's wife 's pants. I returned to myself in a hurry and wiped it off, but this is how exciting masturbation was after a long absence.

I tried to stay in the laundry net as soon as not to leave the evidence but since I am really stupid, I decided to take my wife's stockings as a loot. No matter what I think of my friend, no matter what my wife thinks, I lost the desire I wanted for my wife's pantyhose.

Since then, I have not heard from my friend. It is already blown out insulated items, and we will reveal it here. If you are interested in beautiful wife's pants you would be happy to have fun.

■ Movie playing time 18: 28 / Movie size 1440 * 1080 / No sound
■ 14 pant pants photograph
■ Since the product is in ZIP format, please thaw it with suitable decompression software, please enjoy

● The subject appearing in this work is an adult-finished model, and we are shooting a contract. In addition, there is no compulsion of appearance, and the consent of the person is gained.
- It is a perfect Yarase image image pursuing a fetish of a voyeuristic rather than thing that is not illegal, such as child pornography, uncensored, voyeurism, violation of nuisance prevention ordinance, or misdemeanorial law.
● The sentences of explanation are delusions and desires, complete fiction based on freedom of expression.
● Reproduction, resale, etc. Secondary use is prohibited at all. In addition, if any act that hurts the model himself / herself is performed due to persistent investigation of the model, the act of identifying, or any other nuisance, etc., whatever the reason, whatever the reason, consult with a legal counsel and instant legal action I will take it.
● There are no mosaics on the face, objects in the skirt.

【Tags】  Panchira voyeurism voyeurism married wife amateur upside down panty pants pantyhose legs buttocks shorts
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