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【HD approaching reverse shot Vol.8】 Slender yoga instructor's Ch


【HD approaching reverse shot Vol.8】 Slender yoga instructor's Ch
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It is an upside-down shooting when I was dating with Yoga teacher Poetry.

Among the daughters who came to a serious place like a marriage party seemed to have a lot of daughters who wanted to get their boyfriend before Christmas, Pontora was exactly like that girl.

At the moment I saw a super slender poetry wearing a gorgeous dress, it was as beautiful as I was already attacking. The eyes are quite sexy like Satoiri.

She was a couple established with a young handsome guy at the party, but then he seemed to have been dating the date for that man, which continued comforting with LINE everyday as well as opportunities.

That is why I finally got a first date.
However! In the first date what is totally dangerous. .

I thought of giving up honestly, but I decided to work hard in the event before the event and attack again and meet.

She met at the meeting place she was sparkling as it was when she met at the party, and at that moment she forgot all the hardships ever!

Looking around the thigh while enjoying the date, I was wearing thin stockings.
Since the one piece was short, I thought that I could go this way and checked the contents.
I took the stair and made a hula firing at the stairs.

I wonder if the pure red pants that I wake up are aware of Santa in anticipation of Christmas. One piece is also red. I love these pants. It is regrettable that you are overstay. Although it can not be helped periodically. .

At the game center I felt the gaze of the clerk from behind and flinched for a moment. It was a really tense series as safe driving is the motto.
Moreover, the lighting was dark, and the scene of the back pulling became a little dark feeling.
There may be a thing called a transit. I want a tortoise resistant to darkness.

Personally I like the place where the face of the front shot is reflected together and wrinkles and seams of the pants of the up scene from the back. Although it is a slender and beautiful legs, the feeling that the butt of a butch is stuck is felt firmly.

In this date I really am addicted to the long and beautiful legs of Shiori and her cute voice, Gesta. I would like to have a revenge if I have the opportunity for the next date.

Because I could not take what I was 100% satisfied with inside of myself, I will offer the work now at a value price.

Although it is an angle from the bottom, I was able to do a little face shooting with animation, so I think that you can have plenty of cute faces.

Audio cut is kept to a minimum. In order to enjoy while watching the face while playing, I insert the image of the pre-cla into the movie.

Four extra images (still image data) of the pre-cla are included as a bonus. There is also one image of hula burning.

There is no mosaic in girl's face, pants.

The sales period may be shortened due to circumstances, but please understand.

□ Movie data
Playing time: 20 minutes 21 seconds
Capacity: 844MB
H264 encoding, mp 4, 1280 × 720, 16: 9
I confirmed playback with the GOM player.
URL for video download is described in ※ Product text file.

□ Still image data
Still image: 511 × 1018px or more
Total 5 images / 3.01 MB

In the animation, we do not perform mosaic processing on girl's face, pants.
The person appearing in the work is a model of 18 years old and over and shoots on a contract.
We abide by domestic laws and do not act against laws and ordinances at all.
Secondary use, transfer, reprint, resale, etc. are prohibited.
This work is based on laws and terms of use, not child pornography.
(I have confirmed that I am over 18 years old by ID card)

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