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【Ultimate FULL ぱ っ く】 little gal series amateur model Haruka cha


【Ultimate FULL ぱ っ く】 little gal series amateur model Haruka cha
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※ It becomes an exhibition with a limited time.

Since it also serves as test marketing before DVD release,
As soon as the release is decided, publication will be terminated.

I have been selling movies and pictures as a photographer until now,
I have decided to set up a new company this time.

Movie that can not escape with etch though it is not AV,
In other words, it is a production company specializing in wearing erotica.

However, selling suddenly in a package is risky.
So, we decided to test sale on this site.

Because the time is shorter than the package,
We will offer it at a reasonable price accordingly.

[Model name] Haruka-chan
This time I took a girl-like girl rare.

Basically it only shoots female neat,
I understand it by all means that I want money with hurry.

When asked why his mother collapsed and was due to surgery,
As expected you can not make it to the front door.

But if you look like her,
I thought that there would be work to be as much money as possible,
"Then I can not face my mother later."

Unlike what it looks like, the roots seem to be pretty serious,
That is the reason why I was attracted.

It is a girlish atmosphere,
Never looking cute but pretty looks.

I am impressed with my eyes and it looks like a foreigner.

I was thinking that it would be a problem if the body did not get lost as it was a round face,
A very beautiful body line when removed.

Because the shape of the chest is pretty much clean,
The costume I prepared looked very nice.

[Content of work]
● Movie 1 ☆ K model Haruka chan series Uniform → Micro bikini (white) Posing in a swim suit
Costume · · · uniform, micro bikini (white)

First off from a blazer.
As expected there are only K ☆, the uniform appearance well suits.

Taking it off, the style is good again.
Round face = easy-to-think idea of ​​popular type,
It betrayed in a good way.

It is surprising that I wore micro bikini without difficulty.

Because the shape of the butt is also beautiful,
A four-crawl pose in T-back does not collect for fetish ass.

WMV 12 min 03 sec

● Movie 2 ☆ K model Haruka chan series Lotion self-coloring micro bikini (white) stroked with a swift bathing suit
Costume · · · micro bikini (white)

With almost naked radical costume,
I had the special lotion painted.

Of course Haruka-
It is my first time to apply lotion to my whole body.

It seems that he was pretty fun, whether it is unusual.
Is there a feeling of lotion, too?
I understood that the way the rubbing of the chest and the butt gradually became intensified.

WMV 12 minutes 35 seconds

● Movie 3 ☆ K model Haruka chan series lotion painted cotton bread (white) scalable underwear lotion
Costume · · · cotton bread (white)

Now with white cotton underwear
I will paint the lotion.

Indeed because it is touching a man for the first time meeting,
I was nervous and my face was catching up.

But when shooting begins
I am doing my best and showing a smile.

It seems there is another feeling when it is painted by others,
As the shooting progresses the expression looks comfortable as well.

Because of the nature of costumes, it gets scaled up when it gets wet,
The nipple was also visible,
It seemed that I did not care anymore at that time.

Of course, even for Nice Bottom of Charm Point,
I am painting plenty.

WMV 10 minutes 19 seconds

● Movie 4 ☆ K model Haruka chan series balance ball micro bikini (white) woman on top posture pseudo SEX
Costume · · · micro bikini (white)

I guess you are actually seeing it! Is it?
With high exposure costumes that I thought to be,
I had you play Balance Ball.

Vertical movement with conscious of woman on top posture.
Haruka's face gal fucks,
There is more discomfort.

Moreover, in the piston movement overhanging the ball,
"Do men move with such feeling !?"
And I was impressed with the mystery (laugh)

Finally put the ball in the leg,
I was lifted up and down,
Haruka seems not good at exercising,
Immediately the abdominal muscles come to the limit and pulple.

S heart was stimulated by that painful look,
I have done it many times with Waza.

WMV 09 minutes 15 seconds

● Movie 5 ☆ K model Haruka chan series Rod ice licking micro bikini (white) jammed with simulated blowjob
Costume · · · micro bikini (white)

It is a simulated blowjob using Ice candy.

Haruka has a small mouth,
The way to lick is also pretty.

If you look closely you can see that the tongue is also small.
I try hard with that little tongue,
Awkward without awkwardness.

Chitting the melted juice,
Violently deep strokes too.

Just trying hard and licking too much,
My head was keen. W

WMV 07 min 21 sec

● Movie 6 ☆ K model Haruka chan series Wearing clothes → micro bikini (black) Posing in a swim suit
Costume · · · private clothes, micro bikini (black)

Changing the costume,
Next time it is a black swimwear like S.

Haruka has her face as an adult,
This costume also looked nice.

At first I was wearing my uniform clothing knit,
A swimsuit string looks glittering from the opened neck.

When I take off my clothes my nipples seem to be visible,
That area is charming.

WMV 08 min 08 sec

● Movie 7 ☆ K model Haruka chan series Twister micro bikini (white) Opening leg pose with the last costumes
Costume · · · micro bikini (white)

An obscure pose in twister game
It is a standard time now in the classic.

However, Haruka is a solid body.
In other words, the heart is ignited.

Let me dare tough,
It contains a patchy figure that makes me suffer.

A state where a young girl trembling pull pulling his legs
There was something quite coming.

WMV 08 min 55 sec

● Movie 8 ☆ K model Haruka chan series Cat ear Tail cotton bread (white) Cat ear earrings Nyannyan pose
Costume · · · Cat ear, tail, cotton bread (white)

Haruka is like an adult,
I was worried whether this costume would suit you,
It looked like it was not extraordinary.

In a gesture as if it really became a female cat,
It keeps me excited at every move.

I could not stand it, it was about to attack.

WMV 05 min 30 sec

[Total recorded content]
Movie × 8 books WMV 1 hour 14 minutes 06 seconds

Although it is wearing bathing suit etc.,
Clothes are quite ridiculous.

If you would like something like a common idol image video,
Please never purchase.

Even if you are given a claim of "obscene"
We can not respond ^ ^;

In the main part, the face of the girl is reflected firmly.
Because this product is for test sale, there is a possibility to delete the movie without a previous notice. Please note.

All explanatory sentences including age are all fiction
We comply with laws and regulations
We have confirmed that the model is over 18 years old
We will take decisive measures for copyright infringement

【Tags】 U-18 U-15 U-12 beautiful girls swimsuit real wearing clothes idol amateur personal shooting uniform gravure panchira
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