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Female college stud asleep Gonzo set Ver.1


Female college stud asleep Gonzo set Ver.1
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Actually I'd like to have sent all the time
Since it is scary when it is ballet it will be limited for a limited time.

I am a sophomore in the University of Tokyo.

There is a drinking party of a circle circle
Because I am overwhelmed by opportunities to approach girls,
I try to fit in the video if there is a chance.

However, since it is only close enough human videos,
I am afraid of bales when selling for a long time.

For that reason we will make it public in a short period of time.

[Movie 1]

"There is a good medicine."

The chance was one of my seniors' words.

Obviously it is a bad lotus (^ m ^;) and when you listen to the story on an interest-oriented basis, it is nothing but a sleeping pill.

However, it is a custom-made item that I got from a doctor in a certain foreign country (I will leave Masui at hand)

Unlike those of Soyosanji, once sleeping I will not wake up whatever you say until the medicine runs out w

This is certainly a good medicine (¯ ⅵ ¯) Nyari

I decided to try it at once and tried using it at a circle drinking party.

His aim of the same age (Euma) who was on good terms from a long time ago.

To be honest with a sense of transparency Baggun is a striking girl Ⅵ

Just give her medicine to her medicine, afterwards pretend to be hospitalized and go up to her house.

Eiko who can come to sleep with its efficacy coming soon. Gwov

I let them take off the clothes one by one and put it in the camera so that it can be licked and tapped.

Especially the tits of soft touch I was not able to endure w

Of course, this kind of opportunities are somewhat inconsistent, so I've put them firmly (^ m ^)

Oh yeah, there are medicines still left ~!

If there is a chance I will try using it at the next drinking party.

→ Content of recording and time →
Movie WMV file 24:22

[Movie 2]

The other day a classmate from the university got together at my house

We held a small drinking party.

On that day, I was also the brightest black-haired beauty ladder in the same class, Akari,

I was unusually drunk and drunk.

No matter how much it will happen,

Because everyone has the last train, I left it as it was dissolved.

After all it is in the form that I am involved.

I finally wake up at 3 o'clock in the morning.

I gave her a drink for me.

It is not just a juice,

It is a powerful sleeping medicine entering (¯ ⅵ ¯)

She will soon sleep in a sleep.

As you can imagine, I had plenty of entertainment.

→ Content of recording and time →
Video WMV file 26:24

Reproduction of images, movies, etc. is strictly prohibited
We confirm that the person appearing in this work is over 18 years old
All explanatory sentences including age are all fiction
We comply with laws and regulations

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