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Female college stud asleep Gonzo set Ver.2


Female college stud asleep Gonzo set Ver.2
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Actually I'd like to have sent all the time
Since it is scary if it is ballet it will be limited for a limited time.

I am a sophomore in the University of Tokyo.

There is a drinking party of a regular circle
Because it is overwhelmed at the opportunity to approach a girl,
I try to fit in the video if there is a chance.

However, since it is only nearby human videos,
I am afraid of bales if it sends for a long time.

So we will make it public in a short period of time.

[Movie 1]

I had a drinking party with a college classmate and a house,
A woman who has got drunk alone.

It is black hair black lily.

Because it is a young and cute look which can not be seen by university students,
Fine celebrities even on campus.

Well, as I usually work as a friend,
I did not have any special feeling as ...

After all seeing you are sleeping in front of you,
It will be horrible (laugh)

Below, the end of things.

No matter how much I woke up,
Everyone has a last train so I went home earlier.

Only two people in the room.

But if you hand out in this state,
My eyes will get cold as expected.

Therefore, the last train is gone completely
I fXXXXd it once at the timing that I would not be able to return anymore,
Drink juice containing sleeping pills.

Since sake remains,
I do not mind even if the lid of the juice is opened.

I will go get down to sleep!

I cried worryingly! It is! It is!

* Of course I took out inside so I cleaned it cleanly later.

So, as for Mayu,

I woke up before noon of the day,

I am not aware of what happened to me,
I went back to see if there was nothing wrong.

It is also a huge success this time (* ^^) v

→ Content of recording and time →
Video WMV file 22:39

[Movie 2]

≮Prey≯ Yuki University 2nd year
Black hair short
Yamato dako seems to suit Japanese clothes anyhow
It does not stop for people who are fair and clean.
Naturally it is very cute.

≮Content of animation≯
In my room I'm alone and Yuki.
Everyone has gone because I have a last train.

Because we are using quite powerful sleeping pills,
It does not happen with a little or gently.

But Yuki is strong against drugs
It moves from time to time.
Because it was a reaction that we did not use until now
It was pretty disappointing.

I think that feeling of tension will be conveyed even from movies.

White skin like snow is very comfortable to touch
Take off your clothes firmly while enjoying it.

By the way, I do not remove knee high.

This is my commitment,
Because I think that's absolutely erotic.

I was excited more than usual this time but somehow inserted,
I was able to do firmly until the finish.

WMV 23: 01

ⅷ There is a firm face in this volume

ⅷ Reproduction of images, movies etc. are strictly prohibited
ⅷ We confirm that the person appearing in this work is over 18 years old
ⅷ The explanation is all fiction including age
ⅷ We abide by laws and regulations

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