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【写真】セールスレディ 菜奈美


【写真】セールスレディ 菜奈美
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The model is Nanami, a sales manager who got permission to shoot by calling out in the city.
"Usually I do not do such a thing (even if called out) ..."
He told me to cooperate with shooting while saying.

I heard that they came here on business trips and said that there was no plan at night
Talking a little while talking about additional book shooting,
"Can I contact you later because I want to think a bit? Exchange contacts by saying that.
After a small hour certainly "The story of the previous one is all right, please. An answer of OK came.

I asked why he shot OK, but I heard it,
I finished shooting without being able to hear it out after my talk got poorly done.
Was it just that kind of feeling or was it necessary for a sudden expense ...
A scene that made me feel like the way he talked was like a business person was impressive.

I hear that he does not wear shoes that are too heeled as I often walk at work.
The sole of the foot is heeled slightly to some extent, there is no horny body otherwise.
It was a healthy and pleasantly feeling feeling.

The pictures are stockings and bare feet in the pants suit, inside of the pumps I've been wearing.
Also included are pictures of town photographs taken together.
If you like the suit women's foot please have a look!

Number of images 218 sheets

Image size 5184 × 3456, 4000 × 3000

Model Nanami (early twenties) T: 162 cm S: 24.0 cm

※ No face appearance (Face is blurred)

※ People appearing in this work as a situation in the shooting model
I shoot on consent.

※ Since this product is compressed into a zip file,
Please extract with Lhaca etc thawing software.

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