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It is Chinese system woman edition whether the way of the finger


It is Chinese system woman edition whether the way of the finger
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It is Chinese system woman edition whether the way of the finger onanism is common throughout the Orient

Satomi (36 years old)
153cm 48 kg B82(B)W58H85

It is Agnes H. Chan when I hear only a wife, a voice of the Chinese system, it is full of dissatisfaction, but insists on the plain sexual intercourse with the master when not worried when I remind myself that it is such a thing.
Like seeing AV, and the wife who is full of curiosity wants to taste SEX different such as the AV; when want to become comfortable; only therefore is ...
First experience, SEX which does not speak seemed to usually think at 20 years old, and "there of the woman" seems to say only in this way if I say a female genital tract what and hear と.
There is not the sexual desire particularly, too (the onanism does not have what I did?) I am shy though I hear it and do not readily answer, but am finally like the feeling like the Japanese 30-40 years ago with condition, "it is a finger" from "around 14 years old" when I talk about the other woman.
There is little male experience, but it is to have experienced it in the boyfriends before the master to have died.
The figure is like some infant figure, too and
If the hair over there is thin and does nothing few, an ingredient is seen.
Considerable by oneself; when seemed to feel ripen late, and when thought that came, throbbed, and strange SEX was excited at the degree "is to have been the corner of the school at the age of a university?".
The place to feel where に "clitoris?"
The physique that is easy to die "back?
Sir, plain SEX hardly dies five minutes in the time required; break it with the act for the making of child to the last; cut it.
But which "onanism is usually what like" "dies of rubbing it with a finger from the cloth of panties immediately"
When after all it was not a Japanese that a hand rubbed between crotches with such an appearance between crotches while reading a pornbook, I felt it.
To rub it between crotches from pantyhose and touch it with four fingers at the whole between the crotch
I let a hand come at the last minute in pantyhose when it becomes exalted and give stimulation while a body swings in right and left from panties flourishingly carefully at the clitoris outskirts.
When I attached the left hand, and a leg lengthened by speedup more if speed to let a snap work skillfully when top approached, and to rub became fast suddenly, a bottom was her top.
After having been over, in the dry yellowtails which prepared rise clothes without tasting a lingering sound immediately, things were impressions to become clear.
A woman shy so much showed it to such a thing, but is it only me that after all thought the figure sitting down to be that affiliated with China?

Their more detailed sexual history is the onanism blog which there is an image in in the following URL.

- - - Time---six minutes 20 seconds
There is a sound

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
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※ I cannot purchase the one younger than 18 years by a law.
※ The content to violate is not included in a law in Terms of Use and Japan.
※ The model confirms that I am older than 18 years old.
※ I obtain the model's consent about photography, sale.
※ Because I get consent about the use of the animation from a rightful claimant, I can download it in peace.
※ I transfer the work which he/she purchased to a third party and prohibit sale, distribution, that I lend it and use it across a range of the personal use regardless of payment, free.

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