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1256 pictures !! "I will see! Cosplayer vol.4 "


1256 pictures !! "I will see! Cosplayer vol.4 "
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It is recorded with 6000 × 4000px of super high image quality & super large size.
And the number of amazing 1256 pictures!

Because of the large capacity, zip will be sold multiple files compressed within 2 GB.
Please unzip it with unpacking software and see.

Please note that thumbnail images are cropped.
You can see it even if you trim it.
Of course there is a face.

File format: .JPG
Number of recordings: 1256 sheets
Image size: 6000 × 4000 px
File size: 14.2 GB

· When browsing with smartphone, it is necessary to unzip the zip file. Because load is applied, it is recommended to browse on PC.
· The cast of this work is a model, we shoot with agreement.
· This work is taken at the event where shooting is permitted, it is not a work of secret shooting.
· This work is a work based on the terms of use, it is not a content that violates the contract.
· The pants worn by performers within this work are swimsuits or shorts and not underwear.
· Reproduction, resale, publication, etc. of images / movies of artists, secondary use is forbidden at all.
· It is not data corresponding to underage's browsing / purchasing prohibition and child pornography.
· It is not a product that violates Japanese law and Gcolle usage agreement.

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