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Onanism of the feeling that the super poverty milk has good sens


Onanism of the feeling that the super poverty milk has good sens
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Onanism of the feeling that the super poverty milk has good sensitivity, and is considered to be another person using a writing brush

Mika (29 years old)
166cm tall 50 kg in weight blood type type B B82(A)W59H85

The slender body which I usually forge by walking.
The desire that, however, after all can dissolve only in SEX that watches a game, and performs sports of the stress emission is ...
Though there is the physical strength enough, and furthermore, degree is unilateral, and, as for the sex life, the insertion is finished without most precoital play in only 3 minutes once a month.
Originally she who is shy "wants you to do it this way," but it is said that there was half a reconciliation state without being able to say.
Do it this way from oneself decisively!
Is it a service type starving for the tolerant kind caress that I want to do more comfortably if I have you make it comfortable that wants to become comfortable each other?
Because the partner goes to Tokyo at 18 years old in one as for the first experience in 19-year-old time, and the child of the circumference has already finished it, it is said that I think that even oneself is late, and there was getting impatient.
The onanism knew the comfortableness to come in contact with a person after the first experience, and a way of the onanism was written on the eroticism column of the magazine and began it using the just what rotor.
Still stimulating a clitoris in a rotor when it becomes before menstruation.
It seems to be sensitive, and a body pops by oneself around inner thigh and a crotch when I want to see the onanism using a writing brush.
A feeling seems to be considerably good for a familiar rotor, but the voice is still small after I caress it by a writing brush like a hand of another person slowly and carefully.
The top approaches, but I seem to want to still taste it and will die at a stretch and there is not it, but writes a waist in a few minutes though a rotor only hits it when I increase.
Though it was onanism, I totally waved a waist in a missionary position intensely and died at a stretch.
It is actually like the woman that one cup wants to become comfortable.

Their more detailed sexual history is the onanism blog which there is an image in in the following URL.

- - - Time---17 minutes 35 seconds
There is a sound

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