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【Carefully selected set Ver.2】 ☆ C model ☆ み 2 ★ 2 movies ★ cat


【Carefully selected set Ver.2】 ☆ C model ☆ み 2 ★ 2 movies ★ cat
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※ It becomes an exhibition with a limited time.

Since it also serves as test marketing before DVD release,
As soon as the release is decided, publication will be terminated.

Until now I have been selling movies and photos as a photographer,
I have decided to set up a new company this time.

A movie that can not escape with etch though it is not AV,
In other words, it is a production company specializing in eroding.

However, selling suddenly in a package is risky.
So, I decided to test sale on this site.

Since the time is shorter than the package,
We will offer it at a reasonable price accordingly.

[Model name] Rumi chan (○ 5 years old)
Rumi, who has applied to the model before.

【The last video is here】
→ http: //

I will introduce it again,
Her house is a mother and child family, and it is said that her mother alone has three sisters.

Rumi is the eldest daughter,
I want to make money for my family even a little
He seems to have been looking for this model.

AV is impossible but if this is about this exposure,
I wonder if there was a thought like that.

Although it looks black hair and it is neat,
Character is also serious, wonderful, family-minded good child.

[Work content]
● Movie 1 ☆ C Model Rumi-chan Series 2 Cat Ear Panther V-shaped Front Super Exposed Costume and Cat Ears in Dildo Blowjob
Costume · · · leopard pattern V letter front

When I shot before, it was a cute cat,
Rumi has also grown a little,
I got a sexy female cat.

I stroll the room with all fours.
And then you blowjob a dildo that grew on the floor.

It seems that it was hard to lick it,
It spared the hard time spilling Yodare.

MPEG-4 (H.264) 10 minutes 49 seconds

● Movie 2 ☆ C Model Rumi-chan Series 2 Oil Massage Enamel Bikini (Pink) Extremely Swimwear with Lust-Tea
Costume · · · enamel bikini (pink)

The last shooting this time is an oil massage.

Although it is painted to men a while ago,
You can feel a margin as it has been experienced in the previous lotion.

While showing a bright smile on hand,
He worked hard until the end.

MPEG-4 (H.264) 10 minutes 40 seconds

[Total recorded content]
Movie × 2 MPEG-4 (H.264) 21 minutes 29 seconds

Although it is wearing swimming suit etc.,
The costume is quite ridiculous.

With a sense like a normal idle image video,
Avoid purchasing it.

Even if you are given a claim of "obscene"
We can not respond so ^ ^;

In the main part, the face of the girl is reflected firmly.
Because this product is for test sale, there is a possibility to delete a movie without a previous notice. Please note.

All explanatory sentences including age are all fiction
We comply with laws and regulations
We have confirmed that the model is over 18 years old
We will take decisive measures for copyright infringement

【Tags】 U-18 U-15 U-12 beautiful girl swimwear real wearing arousal idol amateur personal shooting uniform gravure panchira
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☆ C model Rumi-chan Series 2- oil massage enamel Bikini (Pink)
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