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【Photo】Recruit suit female college student Sakino


【Photo】Recruit suit female college student Sakino
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I called a female college student who came from the district for job hunting.
While listening to her dissatisfaction with job hunting, she succeeded in shifting to the topic of the pumps and seeing her legs in order to see the desired feet.

When asking for a picture for reference, she said "I am ashamed."
Although it was awkward, "OK if only foot" ... OK with the condition.

When I heard about future plans, it seems that I will stay at my friend 's house.
Perhaps it will be staying at an Internet cafe.
The expedition from the provinces seems to be difficult due to extra expense such as accommodation fee in transportation expenses.

With that, we coomed out about fetish taking and cooperate with shooting
Instead of asking for hotel expenses etc. Why do not you take it here? .
I only want to exchange contacts for the time being saying "I'd like to consult friends and think about it."
A few hours later she got in touch and I got to the hotel.

First of all photo shoot. Foots wearing stockings, toes, feet.
Next time she took off stockings and took barefoot soles.
Recommended for those who like Rikusu student. Do not miss it!

[Number of images] 72 sheets

[Image size] 6000 × 4000, 4608 × 3072

【Model】 Hayako (21) T: 157 cm S: 24.0 cm

※ The person appearing in this work is a shooting model.

※ I am taking photographs on consent as a situation to the last.

※ Since this product is compressed into a zip file,
Please defrost with Lhaca etc. decompression software.

【Tags】 foot soles feet
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