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[POV Amateur10-1]Sell the love hotel videos and OL's way home fr


[POV Amateur10-1]Sell the love hotel videos and OL's way home fr
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Miki of the OL.

Miki is an ordinary OL living with a small salary of OL and working hard on everyday.

I promised to play with Miki on the way home from work but when I went to the hotel all the time, I told that I would like to take a gonzo shoot.

I went to the meeting place with my camera because I finally managed to get to where I could take a girlfriend if I wore a mask.

For me who had a tripod and a handy cam, Miki, who thought shooting with a mobile camera, was showing a considerable puzzle at first.

I was drawn.

As Miki-chan, I thought that I wanted to take a girlfriend in the sense of memorial or something like a side dish, but as a me, it is a gonzo as I intend to sell it.

So we are preparing for two tripods and two Handycams.

I think a lot, but there are many gonzo videos in the world, but do I get permission when selling to girls?

If you say something to sell, girls will not be able to resist you so much that they are not told to photograph themselves, they are totally disliked and Borokso complains about it or seems to make it impossible to meet again if you do not do it well.

So, in my case, I do not allow permission to do Gonzo without permission.

Since it sells unauthorized this time as well, if there is anything in the future, this video may also be suspended.

Please note that point.

Before I go to the hotel with Miki, I drank it lightly and the atmosphere became a good feeling, so I went to Love Ho.

However, although I was saying that I should stop the early stage, Miki was a very sensitive body and I got a switch easily by touching for a moment.

Miki has very beautiful skin.

Breasts seem to be poor tits, but they seem to be C cups.

And the pussy is very sensitive and panting at the moment when I put on an electric bullet.

I tried to make electric bullets several times, but every time I felt violent and panting, I was reluctant.

Its appearance is very erect.

The content of the video

Underwear / body watching


Electric attack

Booby teasing

Vibe attack

Yu-dannyi electric gang attack

Hand man

Standing telephone

Standing man

Has become.

Please enjoy.

The second part comes out as soon as editing is over.

There have been several times in the past, but there are cases that it will be suspended suddenly.

So as soon as you are concerned.

Miki's video is ↓

【Amateur Gonzo 10-1】 Sales of unlicensed love-ho videos with OL on the way back from work Part 1 Miki PART 1 [Personal shooting]

【Amateur Gonzo 10-2】 Unlicensed sales of love-ho videos with OL on his way back from work Partner Miki PART 2 [Personal shooting]

- Kirara Yoshikage -

Playback time: 29 minutes 07 seconds
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The person appearing in the work is a model of 18 years old and over and shoots on a contract.
We comply with domestic laws and do not act against laws and ordinances at all.
We are prohibited to use purchased works beyond the scope of private use, such as assigning, selling, distributing, lending, etc. to third parties, regardless of price or gratis
If illegal acts such as reprint without permission become apparent, those who carried out those illegal acts will be responsive to our damages
I am confirmed to be over the age of 18 by ID card

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