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Molester recording diary 34


Molester recording diary 34
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I started with a bad friend.
I am influenced by some works.

At a certain station I had thought that it was difficult for me to choose a tagger for a while
I found a daughter with a cute face like Lori face idol.
Lori facial cute type but the gap with the boyish appearance seems to be delicious again!

That's why I went on getting on with getting behind ...
The inside of the car did not get mixed as much as I thought at the first station failed ....
Were you alert or turned around behind a tagger and Abnaibunai ... sweat
Inside, if I had the opportunity while thinking that it was rude, chances come at the next station!
Because the transit passengers ridden in large quantities, they were pushed and stuck firmly.
Because I did not dislike it even if I pressed against the instep while it was ridiculed
OK Judge as my daughter, I will get it quickly!

Although I am not going to disliked that I will pay for my hand
OK I feel like a daughter Iyah appeal is cute and I want to bully extra.
I let fingers penetrate from the hem of the short bread, and Ijiji Kuri from the top of soft panties ...
"Whoops ......"
The female barking heard from a boyish child and the expressive expression resistant to stimulation are overly messy
My way of going with juice is too dangerous.
Because the getting-off station was also close, I will put on the last sport!
As the voice of a tagger grows bigger, the moment that heat felt at my fingertips that fiddle the groin!
"I ... Hmm! (Biken!) ... (Bikut!) Huhuuuu ..."
Oh, you got it on the train! What? You do not have too much.
I was positively posing with all power in my heart, with big tags on my eyes.

When the train arrives at the station and the door opens, the target to go up to the escalator to escape.
I guess it was embarrassing to be squid on the train.

I was able to spend a wonderful time filled with unspeakable satisfaction and accomplishment.

This daughter may be the first time that I wanted to train masturbation ... (bitter smile)

(Personal evaluation: 88 points highly appreciated!)

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