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[Personal shoot] Ishihara Satomi-chan erotic boss big-breasted b


[Personal shoot] Ishihara Satomi-chan erotic boss big-breasted b
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* Based on the video from the contributor, sentences, the white tiger project is composed and selling.

I met this lady with a high class caba in Kabukicho that I went with my colleague.

Satomi, 24 years old, OL at food company OL
In the evening I work for high-class caba in Shinjuku Kabukicho at week 3 to compensate for the monthly salary.

Satomi felt relieved, beautiful like Satomi Ishihara.
Because I love Ishihara Satomi,
Face strike, Moro type.
The lips are also hanging, the tongue velo is long and the atmosphere is erotic.
Ishihara Satomi just dubbed and talked, erected.

Satomi is afraid of the company barrel of Cavabyte with my number registration relationship,
It seemed I was worrying about quitting.
I am familiar with such relationships so I advised so much that I got along well with each other.
There are errands that I have to return to that day,
After-sales was impossible, but LINE got it.

At a later date, a message like a business message came in, but I was busy ignoring it.
Then, if you want to listen seriously to the story of my example relationship,
I came down from the pretty Satomi.

Okay, outside the store OK if you invite me lightly like "Meet me outside and talk."
When I listened to the story while talking about the starbucks, I felt that I had a hard time with money.
I understood that selling the body would be money,
I'm going to say something faraway like scary, I can not.

(It would be a invitation of the yen ...)

Even here, because I wanted to do sperm processing without being etched,
Ishihara Satomi - chan 's current present ○ The desire to be etched with Miss Caba gave birth to Muramura.

Because I wanted to irritate the big breasts and buttocks unbearably,
It was kind of like that for each other.
I handed over my pocket money and went straight to the hotel and etched.

It gave me a rough day that day.
My dick was stupid with the stinky, big shit.
By the way Satomi was a shaved boyfriend 's hobby.

A woman from a shaved woman was the first time,
It was erotic that I could see all that was in it.

I heard from Satomi again whether I stopped taste at a later date.
So, when you ask "Do not try gonzo this time?"
"Please do not show it to anyone"
I have told something like that.
It is somehow looking forward to seeing.

Before going to the hotel, we went to M 's in Akihabara together,
I bought an adult toy and cosplay.

There is a pretty shy place and it's cute, but do M.
By being shy play, I got masturbation.
I thought that it was crowded with excitement, wow ... it was a shabby ....

With horn ona, rotor, electric waves, vibes and one o'clock
Satomi was totally estrus.

Because I like cosplay and so on,
I tried dressed the cabin attendant style Cos I bought.
Became suited to the body of the mugwort, it gave a big erection.
Satomi was also a norori.

If you make a dick lick or fucking,
Satomi was very excited because it was taken with a camera.

Even though you let me do it before you live,
I was told that it was a dangerous day and told me to put on a condom.

My face was Moro type, but I like kids who are a little more pervert,
I felt bored if I tried it two or three times.

So, I intended to cut it this time, so I thought I would do it raw.
Sometimes I loose the condom sometimes, and in the back I completely put it in raw.
It was very pleasant.

Satomi also seems to like my big cock, even though I'm aware somehow,
I felt good and refused.

I wanted to try out inside, but Satomi 's pussy was surprisingly urly,
I did not ejaculate even if I swung all the time, so I finished cum shot at the end.

I have lost contact, but it seems that the caba continues even now.

【Video Details】
44: 43/1280 * 720 / about 1.4 GB (MP 4)

● Cast performers are 18 years of age or older, confirmed by identity cards, photographed with a contract, we have not done any act contrary to Japanese domestic laws, prefectural ordinances, and site usage rules. ● For images, movies, sounds, and other works, we are prohibited from offering, selling, selling, etc. to third part for purposes other than affiliate purpose. In case of discovery, we will take legal action immediately. ● In any case, we can not respond to refund, so please understand in advance.

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