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Female dormitory invasion last round! I will steal all the girls 400YEN (TAX INC.)
Female dormitory invasion last round! I will steal all the girls
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It will be a sequel movie

Female dormitory invasion last round! I will steal all the girls underwear! That number 30! !

It is the girls' dormitory invasion series that I challenged at the preparedness of death but this time will be the last one

It is a result judging that it is too dangerous any more

The target is a beautiful young girl "Yuuka" of the same byte destination

I can make it because my partner job is together, I made a key for Yuka 's room during a break

If you look at Yuka chan's resume, you will also know the room number

It was a pants sommelier life mission

In the first invasion
2 bra pairs
Three used pants

With the second invasion
6 used pants

I was able to get used cotton dirty pants of this cute girl and have a blissful time

But if you steal this much, you should have noticed that someone is already intruding into the house

Every time I meet "Yuuka chan" at my byte destination, I feel crushed by feeling guilty

Sorry ... I'm feeling better stealing your pants ...

I recently accepted rice with the meaning of apology

And the other party is a girls 'dorm forbidden girls' residence, it can not forgive invasions forever

Do you change the key?
Do you wear a security camera ...
It must strengthen security

Life end if captured

I decided to do it last time this time

Lastly I will uproot Yuuka 's underwear! !

Not to mention used pants in laundry baskets
Yuuka-chan's pants are all! !

Because it is a girls' dormitory in the university, few people are in the dorm if it is a daytime on weekdays

It is impossible to invade from the entrance with auto lock

This time also overcoming the fence from the back and invading

Yuuka's room on the third floor

Kacha · · ·

The key has not been changed yet! !

I do not know the location of electricity · · ·

I know the location of the laundry · · · It's dark

Wearing laundry was on when checking with the electricity of the mobile phone!

Color !

I got underwear net for the first invasion but there are also! ! Used is here! ! Get this and this way! !

And this time more entering the back! ! Search underwear · · ·

Oh, I found a box like that

bingo! I have pants.


I dropped my kids! !

Hurt yourself and have fun

The moment when thinking stopped thinking awesome things

"I will take this box for each other !!!!"

Hold the box that will probably have underwear entrapped and exit the room

He ran away as a whole ...

While I am crowded ...

But is there underwear in this box properly?

I try to leave it at home ...

! ! ! I did it a lot too much! !
There are socks and tights, but various pants are packed tightly

There are more than 30! !

Thank you.

Let's take a closer look at the prey this time

5 used pants
2 used brassiere

More than 30 unused pants

Used pants
Dirty pants so dirty as to understand dirt from the table! !

Does Yuka chan wear such pants too? ! There is also T back! !

The scenery which arranged pants with 30 or more pictures is a masterpiece! !

This product will be the animation of the second part to check the dirt of the pants!

Movie 3 minutes 11 seconds MP4 file 252 MB

This Yuka chan's pants are very dirty

Please also check the first part edition video! !

* Underwear thief is a criminal act
※ This product pursued a fetish, I am taking a picture on getting the approval of sale to the model you cooperated with.

※ Contents that violate the terms of use and the laws applied in Japan are not included.

* We are prohibited to use the purchased work beyond the scope of private use, such as assigning, selling, distributing, lending, etc. to a third party, regardless of price or gratis.

※ The subject appearing in this product is a real person synthesized photos of models aged 18 and over with shooting consent agreement.

【Tags】  Amateur Pants Dirty Pants Spot Voyeurism Female University Student Beauty Close-up Personal Shoot
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This Product In 女子寮侵入最終回!美少女の下着全部盗みます!その数30枚!!【前後編セット】
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