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Invasion of life-threatening female college student dormitory! !


Invasion of life-threatening female college student dormitory! !
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Invasion of life-threatening female college student dormitory! ! Get pretty spent used dirty pants!

Pants Sommelier mission of life! !

Secret garden, invaded the dormitory of a boys' forbidden female college student! !

Used as non-washing used dirty pants! !

The target is a beautiful young girl "Yuuka" of the same byte destination

How did you get in the girls' dorm?

I made it while I was taking a break in the room of Yuuka's room that I could only have a part-time job!

If you look at Yuka chan's resume, you will also know the room number

I will definitely get used dirty pants of this cute girl ~

And the day of the decision

Because it is a girls' dormitory in the university, few people are in the dorm if it is a daytime on weekdays

It is impossible to invade from the entrance with auto lock

Invade through the fence from behind

Life end if it balances! !

I'm nervous

Turning the camera on the third floor, and discovering Yuka chan's room, the key will be ...

Kacha · · ·

Open ~! ! !

Hurry and get into the room! ! !

However, it is dark ...

Electric rugged weather

I do not know the place · · ·

Brought tense to MAX

Fumble with a slight light Search for laundry storage

That's it!

Wearing laundry was on when checking with the electricity of the mobile phone!

Discover the underwear net with coloring! !

Oh. . There is also a skirt, let's get it

I also like camisole! !

The amount we can have is limited, I do not know how much pants are in the underwear net, but ...

It's very dangerous to have a long time.

I got what I wanted, so I gotta go and break away

Afterwards only escape with a tremendous dash! ! !

With the dash where the Olympic record comes out, hang underwear and skirt in plastic bag

Somehow survive home

Let's take a closer look at the prey this time

Check skirt

In the washing net ...
2 bra pairs
Three used pants

Is not it massive ~! !

This Yuka chan's pants are very dirty

Dirt is different on 3 pants

1st sheet dirty "medium" yellow stain comes with patch
2nd sheet dirty "strong" Yellow stalks are densely packed and the smell is quite intense
3rd sheet dirty "strongest" This is how many days I wore! Moreover, it is tangled up to pubic hair! ! It is a first-class dirty pants soaked with dirt to the front.

I carefully observed these pants with high image quality!

I wonder what kind of pretty child is wearing dirty pants ~ I am getting excited works for my bread dirty pants fetish! !

First part video

Movie 2 minutes 52 seconds MP4 file 244 MB

Sequel video

Movie 2 min 37 sec MP4 file 253 MB

※ This product pursued a fetish, I have taken photographs on getting the approval of selling to the model.

※ Contents that violate the terms of use and the laws applied in Japan are not included.

* We are prohibited to use the purchased work beyond the scope of private use, such as assigning, selling, distributing, lending, etc. to a third party, regardless of price or gratis.

※ The subject appearing in this product is a real person synthesized photos of models aged 18 and over with shooting consent agreement.

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This Product Including 命懸けの侵入女子大生寮!!美少女の使用済み汚パンツをゲットする!【前編】
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