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Genuine Papa Activate JD's whole story of harp ody cocks at AR 1,200YEN (TAX INC.)
Genuine Papa Activate JD's whole story of harp ody cocks at AR
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Photographed with GO PRO wearing the prostitution site with genuine amateur at the height of the line of sight. An augmented reality image as if you are experiencing it is here.

And here is the first step. By the way, the first bullet is J ◎.
【AR】 Fireflies Dating 1 ~ Safely Unlocking at Home You can associate with girls ~

Yes. Up to this point it was advertisement.

And here is the main theme. It was ARD who worked together this time with active JD and experienced Papa in Bali Bali. He is an experienced person or a progressive papa activist.

It was JR Omori station that we met. Taking a taxi in front of the station and listening about usual daddy activities will tell you a mess.

"(Papa) I am doing it because I am going to the university now, but honestly it's only for the past four years."
"So, I have a daughter acquainted with a dad, but I want to get a job properly"
"But when you get a job you will lose money to play now."
"For money is the best, but, if you do not like sex, you are primarily Yaranai."

etc. I will talk about 2018 the latest dad's active circumstances nakedly.

I pridefully believe that this is the original coverage attitude. If you tell me such things as Kichin surely the position of the Japanese press has not dropped to this point.

You can feel it with realistic and immersive feeling as if you are facing her. I think that I buy this video seriously. Because it is my own image, it is not just because I want to make money, as an ordinary material, the fusion of 2018 amateur female college student 's real and state - of - the - art photography equipment.

Here I think that there is one point of personal shooting at this moment.

Because, it is G cup! As if rubbing it like that! !

JD 's studying business administration on a regular basis!

To a pale pussy that only opens to a dad with such a stature!

Pierce the cock!

I look up at the G cup shaking at the woman on top!

No, I do not want you to buy it, I want you to experience it. I want to talk with someone who experienced the same experience as I watched this video!

Make one's thought!

Good luck Nippon!


Video: 46 minutes 44 seconds
1280 × 720

※ This is a situation video.
※ The age of the subject is confirmed definitely and we have a copy of the age confirmation document.

【Tags】  Amateur Female college student Gonzo Nampa Immediate squirrel JD Cosplay AR Augmented reality
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