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The 15-man circle the president's daughter rushes into the pussy 1,200YEN (TAX INC.)
The 15-man circle the president's daughter rushes into the pussy
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This is just a game. It is the same as picking up bills. The picking up of the bill is not illegal at all, it is an ordinary event being done even with ordinary supermarkets. However, the place to grab is not a hand but a child's challenge just as a genitals!

I forgot the name of the challenger this time lol Let 's suitably refer to Miki.
I do not see such a child, Miki usually seems to be strawberries by dividing apart. And when I asked Miki, she seems to be the daughter of the president of a moderate company (50 to 60 employees). Why is that child? What? It seems to be said that, because there is money in the house, it seems that parents do not get pocket money at all from the parents, and there is no money to play if you do not make money like this.

From the parents, it may be intrinsic to imperialism so that it does not depend on society as it goes into society, but it is only luck with all that losing such a video in such a game with such a game. Or, that kind of feeling, I'm pretty much willing to play this game.

Well then, I will get ready to get ready, so I have to take off my underwear to get ready, so when I try to skirt, I brief bread! It is not even a bread show, a short bread in physical education! Although it goes down a little bit in the visual sense, in the sense of reality it is rather agar! And it seems that the book bread you see after removing a short bread is worth so much as it was hidden until a while ago.

My hobbies seem to be addicted to games, especially idle breeding games, and the game is a big deal. So, the first piece, I can not grasp the tricks at first, but as I continue with 2, 3 pieces, I get used to, if I do, 10,000 yen rounded into the pussy will be sucked in .

I heard that it is not a virgin. "Which do you feel good about a cock and a bill?"

Then, "Well, I do not feel the bill is contained"

Because it was a reply with, maybe you are concentrating too much on the game? For example, it may be different if it feels a little sexy! Proposes and kisses, practices such as licking the nipple. Of course, I just wanted to lick or touch it, but I can easily say that I can not help but do it for the game progress.

And, as a result, she swallowed as many as 15 bills and it is Hokuoku.

After usual, the usual method. I induced a woman's condom that had been attached from the viewpoint of hygiene to play a game "Do you want to know the feel of condoms for women?"

It is a condom for women who is hardly popular in Japan. (Incidentally for this game we imported personal from overseas this time) Of course, there can not be anything such as girls of this generation attached.

I might use it in the future and study study. And if you give an excuse, if you immediately remove it here, there are not many opportunities to use in the future, what kind of feel would it feel if this cock entered? . And stimulate her curiosity and gently get sex. The feeling of the cock was "I've never thought that it was a different feeling until now", but my breath became rough if I thrust it all the way in. This will not be unrelated to the joy of being able to take as many as 15 sheets.

With this, the collection of rare pictures of the world that flowers of manga bloom from pussy increased. When I talked to bad friends at a drinker's seat that I was playing like this, "It's the bottom line of the crowd, it is peacefully blurred in the world saying a guess like just a non-married sex." I got a word of compliment, "This genius evolved into political criticism," it is deplorable that the difference between a child and a real generation comes out in this form, while the money that you wanted in avenomics was born. We pridefully embody the ideal image of one of the men of the world, so thank you.

One last thing. I do not accept any questions about the subject.

Length 38 minutes 43 seconds
Frame width 1280 × 720
Format mp4

※ This video is not in violation of the law, upload provisions.
※ The subject is over 18 years old.

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