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Sneak into the ___ ___ ___ ___ 0 1,000YEN (TAX INC.)
Sneak into the ___ ___ ___ ___ 0
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Previously, it is a video that infiltrated the topic's chatty shop & voyeurism.
I will quote below, I think that you can understand if you can see the date of the explosion, but I shot this video dates back four years ago.
This shop has been caught and already there.
That makes the picture absolutely impossible to see or experience.

Up to SEX in the sequel

I officially says "Private room tour & chatting / teenager (18 · 19 years old) Limited earpick reflex shop", but I was able to take a picture like the result as a result of entering the store and negotiating in a private room It was.
On this day, when I entered the store, a receptionist asked me, "Today is only from 15 to 17 years old, so there is no refresh service, can I only chat but do you?
I got an explanation.
There is no confirmation as to whether it was truly active, but the girl I chose was saying "17" on my own.
It was about what I found as a result of entering the store, and I will quote it since I was more into writing on the net than anything else.

※ This is a situation movie, there is no fact of voyeurism.
※ The age of the subject is confirmed definitely and we have a copy of the age confirmation document. The subject is over 18 years old. This picture has been taken in accordance with the law stipulated by Japan and there is no illegal act.

Cute little junk
# 3 2014/10/26 15: 08
Is not this shop a chatty place?
Are you being licked?
# 5 2014/10/26 15: 13
>> 3
It's not a chatty store
It was a pacifier shop.
# 8 2014/10/26 22: 32
When you become the store manager of this store you can stay with jk every day. I can not bear it.
# 17 2014/10/27 04: 44
I went there but I could talk with the next room.
Woman "Twenty thousand"
Man "There is not that much"
Woman: "How much are you all?"
Female dressing
# 66 2014/10/29 08: 50
I want you to be cute all the active. Now it is reality that there are many young lads who have finished active service. Sorry for a bit from a customer's point of view. Even though I was working more than 90% ago.
Earlier, someone wrote, but is it true that a certain lady of the old stock who finished active service is bullying or harassing the active job? If that is the case, the active lady is hard to come everyday. If you are occasionally coming to the store, there are not many things to do that much.
I am sorry really from the customer's point of view if the active duty is decreasing in such a thing. Is it the past that the shop was always open as usual and was full of active duty.
# 67 2014/10/29 09: 07
○ "My chances are that active will increase as my chan comes back.
I do not know if I will come back. Though there were about three fake active ladies.
# 98 2014/10/30 15: 13
Whose blowjobs or handjobs were good until now?
I do not have handjobs.
"I will keep a few months' blow job, but it was sooo cute as I am so cute.
"Although I was happy with the handsome while kissing.
# 105 2014/10/30 17: 04
"I have not come almost since my age when I graduated from high school." I guess there was only one month in about a month. "The kitten was 15 years old.
# 306 2014/11/08 17: 37
It's cute and service best. I never thought of doing that over there
# 307 2014/11/08 19: 18 [Delete]
"What is it?
# 308 2014/11/08 19: 19
"Iko," Rumi system is not good
I do not think it's cute w
# 309 2014/11/08 21: 42
Even if you are not cute, that tongue use is unbearable
# 314 2014/11/09 00: 03
"Is there a back?
# 315 2014/11/09 00: 05
"Or maybe it depends on your partner
"Rumi will do it for a reasonable amount
# 318 2014/11/09 14: 43
>> 312
"I do not know Rumi," he said. I feel that it will do anything if I get out
# 320 2014/11/09 16: 36
>> 318
"I wonder if you can speak with Yukichi Iko
# 321 2014/11/09 16: 39
Creating a shop was a little complicated, but all the girls who followed me were nice kids and it was fun
# 379 2014/11/12 18: 13
Is it supposed to be a funny guy here if you buy raw pants?
# 385 2014/11/12 20: 48
Rather than buying pants,
It is more exciting to imagine a girl living in a no-pan for several hours afterwards
# 386 2014/11/12 22: 27
JK Taman

【Quote Origin: Bakui Saite .com Tokai Version
bid = 1326 / tid = 3575567 / p = 16 / tp = 1 / rw = 1 /] ※ In addition, I write a correction on the judgment of our company as a personal name and a thoughtful writing in quotation.

Video: 15 minutes 49 seconds
1280 × 720

This picture has been taken in accordance with the law stipulated by Japan and there is no illegal act.
We confirm the age of the subject surely and possess a copy of the age confirmation document.

【Tags】  Amateur uniform peeping voyeurism business reflex molest
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