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A record of love with her 50-year-old (clother) sister


A record of love with her 50-year-old (clother) sister
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My older sister who is dressing and teacher of flowers. I got divorced five years ago and brought back my child to my parents but my child now stands alone as a single life. She seems to be 50 years old but she is motivated. I started having feelings that I can not put into words as jealous of such an older sister about six months ago. I wanted to commit the older sister who was wearing a kimono and wanted to get dirty and I masturbate while imagining sex with my sister. If you bring sex to my sister 's living elder sister and refuse it, I can not live with you anymore. However, I want to thrust myself into my older sister's dick because it is fine. A gentle sister may forgive you. One day I was sending such frustrating days, I finally did it.
Incest. It is impossible for me to do it. My sister was kind. At first I was surprised but accepted. My sister's daughter who saw the first time carefully. Even at the age of 50, the inside was pink and smells good. The taste was also delicious and I got crazy. I also inserted a tongue into the hole.
When my sister and genitals joined together, the word "I like it" naturally came out. My older sister also said "I like it." Because my older sister and younger brother or sex is compatible. My sister said that he was "comfortable" many times and he reached the culmination.
Of course it is not without guilt feeling. My older sister would be the same. But my older sister told me that I can have sex from now on. From now on, my eldest days are waiting for my elder sister's ejaculation. it's happiness. It was really nice trying to take courage and attack my sister.

43 minutes 35 seconds, HD video

With voice

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