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Living in Niigata _ Shinjing → Immediately 3P harajuku admired C 1,200YEN (TAX INC.)
Living in Niigata _ Shinjing → Immediately 3P harajuku admired C
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I am constantly disseminating that I am longing for Harajuku, and I have been exposed to Niigata livelihoods in my profile and have been doing SNS. I was playing with erotic self shooting sent before meeting.

For the moment to publish the video here, so that people who got acquainted with her and the person who does not have an account on this site can see it, so that even more unrelated people can see it I made an account to upload self-portrait images I was sending on Twitter for three reasons, so please take a look from there first.

I will post the video that she sent to her first tweet. It's free because it is Twitter, and even if you do not have an account you can see anyone if you just watch a video.

Well, it will be iteration but it was Twitter that I met her. # Harajuku # I want to go # Takeshita street # Laforet etc Hashiku related Hashtag attaching and muttering, so I immediately followed up. When it becomes mutual as it is, the rest is started with DM. It is a child as it is natural to have such a hash tag. Her precise age is supposed to be imagined, for the time being, it will be attached to lack of experience.

Every time I heard that you come to Harajuku, Shibuya is close by too - and water is pointing and it was decisive to say that I'm on sale for summer when it got hot. At that time, if you come in and say that you can stay, it will be like the image of this time.

First of all, I took a walk through Takeshita Dori that I was longing for, and if I escape to Meiji Dori, I will go to Meiji Dori and go out with Laforet, Tokyu Plaza, Omotesando Hills and cat street. If you take a break, Dogenzaka is recommended.

When entering the hotel it is unusual in Niigata (it is also unusual in Shibuya ..) I found a turning bed, and it was a pleasure to celebrate alone. Moreover, 3P.

Nonetheless, I did not show it to anyone at the time of the DM exchange, so I was sending masturbation videos for them and I thought that she was already in this place. Perhaps, it is a feeling of inundation.

As information I knew before meeting, I knew Niigata livelihood, high height of 167 cm tall but I also love horny play this time. At the time of the ona moving picture this is because it asks for this, so it can not be helped. . It is reflected in the atmosphere that it is, it seems that it was acting.

As for sex, it can be said that girls who love sex simply are disturbed by 3P, there is nothing else to do. As for the contents, it is understanding when you see it, and whether it likes her appearance, it is all of this picture.

Anyway, please fly from the URL above and watch even the ona movies alone.

However, even if an amateur girl who admires Harajuku who lives in Niigata flew up to the beginning in Tokyo, even if two strangers treated it as a pet, this is a nice reaction with urban eyedroppers Rearing & Free with Twitter Masturbation Videos. That is such a movie.

Also, if you find her genuine trust, please keep confidential about this video and video account (@ RG8POOzhtErBIP 9). For once, it is supposed to show to no one.

Video: 55 minutes 30 seconds
1280 × 720

※ This is a situation video.
※ The age of the subject is confirmed definitely and we have a copy of the age confirmation document.

【Tags】  Amateur uniform Gonzo Harajuku posting video Nampa gangbangs multiple 3P
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