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【Shichigosan 3】 Mom who make long line at the time of commemorat SALE


【Shichigosan 3】 Mom who make long line at the time of commemorat
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It is a complete original work of high image quality and high resolution.

Recently, the weather is good on weekends and autumnal weather continues, perfect for the Shichigusan - kyo ritual.

Of course the shrine can be a crowded long line like ordinary.

Since only one set of commemorative photography time is inevitably short, he desperately desires to arrange costumes.

Especially the mothers are busy from the morning of the day.

At this time it is unprotected only at this time feet that tend to be vigilant if it is usual ....

Even if you approach too much and thrust the camera somewhat it will be apologized to the contrary.

* It is a moving picture composition with "whole body image" attached after normal movie.

File contents:
MPEG 4 format / 3: 24
File size / 899 MB
Audio / Yes

※ This work is the Onza い ま す with early termination of sale per consignment sales item.
* We are strictly prohibited from second use of reprint, resale, transfer etc of this work.
※ This work is photographed work with permission beforehand on the subject.
※ It is confirmed in advance that the subject of this work is over 18 years old.
※ This work is a situation video work that embodies delusions.

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