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【Photo】sanzi's photo collections 2018 Miku_seifuku_Gal


【Photo】sanzi's photo collections 2018 Miku_seifuku_Gal
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This model is Miku.

The foot size is 24.5 cm, Greek type.
However, where the fingers of the feet are short and it is difficult to judge.
She said the complex was that his fingers were short.
Red nails on the nails.

There is a place where the skin is putting on the heel and fingertips on the sole of the foot,
There are signs that I cut the octopus and there is a feeling that I am trying hard.
Feeling looks hard, but it is surprisingly soft.
I heard that the heel is small and the foot width is wide so it is impressive
I think it is a very good foot for those who want to be stepped on.

Shooting is uniform. I imagined the gals of momentary failure.
Loose socks, dark blue socks, bare feet, foot pion.
People who want to be stepped on by the big legs, please look!

[Number of images] 90 sheets

[Image size] 6000 × 4000

【Model】 beautiful T: 164 cm S: 24.5 cm

※ Since this product is compressed into a zip file,
Please defrost with Lhaca etc. decompression software.

【Tags】  feet soles footfetish
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