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Standing boat selling second stage !! Kamata's married woman mil 800YEN (TAX INC.)
Standing boat selling second stage !! Kamata's married woman mil
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A series that I actually tried going on to rely on the stagnation information of the net. I decided to aim for an elegant type married woman who will appear in Kamata this time. Excerpt of the bulletin board writing that I referred to ↓


○ Monday, Sunday, 15 o'clock in the afternoon
Discovered a woman on a benches beside a rounded flower bed at the west entrance of JR Kamata station.
It looks more elegant than Seijo Ishii's system.
It gathers together in a separate room and immediately to the hotel.
The result was OK until the 2nd round with rubber jar and blowjob.
The first round was a polite blowjob serving the fool and on top of the woman on top posture
It was squid in the tuna state, which was easy and comfortable with this, but also from here as well
I wanted a second round without being able to suppress the feelings I wanted to attack.
I will finish as quickly as possible and give out the kind of nuance I want, but I will be back so soon
I can not insert it, so I invited you to the bath once and wash it with two people.
While I wash my body I felt a reaction to foolishness so I immediately went back to bed and headed to the second round. Missionary position
However, although it became firing without it, it got pleasant pleasantly enough
It was satisfying.
It is a type that will cause anything if you ask what they say.
The traveling time is around 2 hours plentifully including the movement.


I do not know that I can not ascertain that all this writing is true, but if it is true it looks pretty good.

So, when you stick to Kamata station, there are some women like that. Because writing was not written at the time of writing, we rely on the information "Seijo Ishii system" to tell some people about Madam style.

A couple of people gathered in the air, I got the target married woman!

According to the information, it is said that we are doing to the last in one, but this time as well we negotiate with because it is a policy to have YARRESS in . If possible we are thigh-pricked to the last in the abolition.

I say that there is no money and the place is designated as karaoke. I was able to move about the place without problems.

Although there is still a little discomfort to the existence of the video, negotiate again with just grasping video + pie massacre + cock and start shooting.

The result succeeded in getting down to the blowjob.

I wanted to do more than possible if possible, but after all I shot video shoot, so it was more difficult than this. However, if you do not have a video, I think that it was fine until ___.

I think that you can understand if you can see the image, it is an elegant man of the Seijo Ishii group as the information is, the age is about 40 middle stage. I think that it is okay to say that the breasts are tied up in their 30s.

Video 24: 27

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★ All images and movies of this work without permission are prohibited without permission

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