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【Photo】sanzi's photo collections 2018 Momokosumomo vol.2


【Photo】sanzi's photo collections 2018 Momokosumomo vol.2
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The theme this time is "sleeping feet".

Rough on the bed in a rough dress like jeans to the trainer.

She looks quite sleepy while shooting, probably because she had been late the night before.

You may sleep. I want to take a foot when you are sleeping.

Tell her that,

"Is it really? Well, please wake me up in about 10 minutes.

I'll let you move my feet appropriately ... "

I went to sleep in a few minutes after saying.

So, I took the foot of the sleeping face of Gachi and sleeping.

Also, the soles of creamy cream and dirty feet,

Also included are the feet and so on that you got transparent pretty sandals.

A clean, well-designed sole with natural light and detailed foot prints

I was able to take a picture. Barefoot soles, sleeping feet,

If you are a fan of Momoko Sumomo, don't miss it!

【Number of images】 112

【Image size】 6240 × 4160, 3089 × 2048

[Model] Momokosusumo T: 156 cm S: 23.5 cm

※ As this product is compressed to zip file,
Please decompress with Lhaca etc.

【Tags】 feet soles footfetish
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