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A day when a sober divorced mom knows that SEX feels good. Sachi


A day when a sober divorced mom knows that SEX feels good. Sachi
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A day when a sober divorced mom knows that SEX feels good.

Sachi 43 years old
Height 165 cm Weight 50 kg B86 (C) W64 H98 Blood group A

It seemed that I could not sleep last night and I arrived at the meeting place one hour ago.
My wife, who has divorced history from the country, is sober clothes, with a very serious atmosphere and no erotic aura at all.

The first experience is 20 years old, the place where I said "I only hurt" went to ski hotel.
It was not enough to ski.
The impression is that he was not interested in "SEX is something like this?"

Male experience is 3 people.
Moreover, the first man and the second one are only once, and the third man is married.
There is no good image for SEX at all.
She has never been wet with almost no caress, she is inserted, she shakes her hips, she immediately shoots and goes to bed.
There was nothing pleasant about it, of course I have never ascended in SEX.
The thing in common was that all men had blood type B for all.

If you take off while being embarrassing, the hand is attached to hide the crotch.
The lower body is stuffy, and the bank seems to smell, and it is stretched.
Although it is midwinter, after the mother's swimsuit remains, I feel a sense of life.
The sadness of the wolf is that some white things are beginning to be mixed with the pubic hair.
It seems that the person himself has not noticed and I can not say either.

The processing of libido masturbates once or twice a week.
After the primary school child went to bed, it was thought that it was the only time of joy for her to kill her voice while sleeping.

I'm starting to get nervous again in front of the young man.
What and SEX is the first in four years, this will be the fourth male genitalia.
It's such a young man, why is it so good, his younger son's at the mercy.
I can feel the touch of my chest from the top of my clothes, and it becomes hard to be able to touch my chest.
With no time to take off the glasses, I began to immerse the body that began to heat up and immerse in pleasure.
Although she was so scolded, she exposed the unprotected lower body and took over her movement.
The clitoris is stimulated at the same time, and an explosion blows the fly just before explosion.
The peak that what has accumulated up until now erupts at a stretch.

The comfortable feeling of weakness that remains in the whole body and the hot things released on the stomach make you feel the comfort of SEX.
"It feels like I've lost so much that I felt so good."
On the way back, "I want to know more deeply since I knew it"

--- Hours-36 minutes 16 seconds
With voice

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