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[Outflow] management raging sex facts of the rookie Grad is roun


[Outflow] management raging sex facts of the rookie Grad is roun
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It is an outflow image.

Men who wait for someone at the hotel. The woman who knocks on there and comes in is a woman who is deeply covered in a hat. You can see from the interior decoration that you see it as a reasonable city hotel, but was there any reason why you could not see your face to get there?

The woman who entered the room does not have any questions about the fact that the camera is already in the room, and immediately accepts it even if the man suddenly touches the body. Usually, when inviting women to sex at a hotel, I think there is an order, etc., but these two people naturally go into Gonzo as if they had already talked.

This video was brought into our account. Well I think that you understand from the atmosphere that seems to be suspicious from seeing, but it is different from Gonzo taken by a couple who just like shooting.
It is thought that the woman of the subject is a newcomer idol who also carries out a photo event and also releases a solo DVD.

I think that you wrote, because if you affirmed it would be a confusing situation that would lead to defamation or anything else, so even if you look at it in any case, "probably" probably Please be aware that you have to keep it as

The opening video attached to the Gonzo video of the main part is a quotation from the sample video released on the photo session site obtained independently. With this, there is no intention to verify or point out the similarity of the subject, and it is only disclosed as data.

Although some processing has been added to the video and audio, it has been processed in consideration of the photography society and the trademark of DVD products.

Video: 48 minutes and 58 seconds
1280 × 720

※ This is a situation video.
※ Age confirmation of subject is surely done and we have copy of age confirmation documents.

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