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Based on the beautiful wife why? I wanted to get inspired from b


Based on the beautiful wife why? I wanted to get inspired from b
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Based on the beautiful wife why?
I wanted to get inspired from being different from myself, which I wanted to get out of my usual time when I was chased by childcare.

Elena 37 years old
Height 155 cm Weight 42 kg Blood group O type B86 (E) W60 H81

Asking a celebrity classy wife whose white skin is guarded with a parasol, "Why a beautiful wife?"
Lay gently while shaking the neck left and right, "Don't ask me," but I still care.
I asked again, "I wanted to get out of my usual self."
"Because I know if I have to be a good wife, I have to be a good mom and I have a hard time trying to understand if I'm not a good wife or not"
It seemed like he wanted to be different.
There are two children and the lower one is still feeding, "I want stimulation".

The first experience is 16 years old, 17 days before the 17th birthday to want to experience.
After masturbation for the first time experience, each other can not meet in the exam, when it was uneven.
I pull my pants down to my knees and style with a finger (to make it stop if someone comes).
The current masturbation situation is that there is also the possibility that she will masturbate in the space where she is taking a shower after her husband's humble H.

"I'm nervous, only me," I kiss awkwardly with the man I met for the first time and things that will start from now on.

It is said that he has never been a foreplay.
Originally shy, she seems to be unbearable to be seen just in time.

It is understood that breastfeeding is still in progress from the blood vessels that have risen on the white, full breasts.
She is a mother, a woman, and fills her body with her shiny wife.
The kko that is treated beautifully with a laser does not have only a single line of hair and looks closely.
As if to be embarrassing "I, there is little hair over there," a man rips his face and licks his face as natural.

My wife also promotes embarrassment and feels the point with abolition as soon as possible.
And I gave up my face and said, "Iku ~!
Somehow "I'm sorry"
The fellatio that I was embarrassed to be done and gave myself was erotic to the point.
It seems to be a disgusting figure that is surrendered by an imperceptible sound like a juljure.
The figure of swallowing the male genitalia to the back of the throat with the mouth wide open before putting on the cheek is a figure that can not be imagined when I was wearing a parasol.

When inserted at the missionary position, she gets violently violently, as if to give a feeling of pleasure, "I'll do it."
If you hit hard in the back, "Pant! Come! Reach! A-n" and pant,
I'm still missing my own butt and let me grind my ass "What kind of weird"
I've seen a sexy hip movement at Cowgirl, but I saw for the first time a woman who grinds herself with her back.

The finish is a normal position while a man becomes sweaty.
"A-n, it feels good"
Distingling the expression while holding down the voice with his hand in his mouth,
"I'm sweaty and I'm happy with my hard work"
"Come to come!"
It seems that he was a woman who had a particularly unpleasant pleasure, as the wife himself said.

--- Hours-43 minutes 53 seconds
With voice

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