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Kayo [Nurse erotic too! ] The main feature of carnivorous busty 1,480YEN (TAX INC.)
Kayo [Nurse erotic too! ] The main feature of carnivorous busty
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This is Sago Goro.

Today we have trouble and tired mode ...

I have to go back to the office and prepare for tomorrow
If your belly is Peko-chan, your head won't turn around.

At times like this, I want to eat my stomach and be healed from my stomach.
If you want to be healed ...
No, don't rush ... I'm just hungry.

Yes ... today is a nurse
Would you like my nurse to heal my lion?

Which ... Gachinko nurse "Kayo" ...
The face is perfect ... the legs wrapped in shiny pantyhose are quite good
Let's be this daughter today.

Bra wrapped around big breasts can be seen through pure white nurse clothes
The chest that swells just like a bee ...

I'm not young enough to suddenly take off my nurse clothes
First of all, from the open chest, you can enjoy your breasts wearing bra.

The outside is patoon and good tension, the contents are fluffy
Good, good ... Your palm is healed by this softness.

All-you-can-eat, suck, lick and lick
Listen to the sound of your breasts with a stethoscope
I really like breasts ♪

If there is a day when I want to make the tart
There is a day when I want to relive my heart.

If you roll up your skirt, you'll be wrapped in shiny pantyhose
Face your panties with a rich fragrance from the back ♪

I ’m sorry for the pantyhose,
Inside is a moist and fluffy nurse ♪
This is the theory that I'll give you the upper side.

Well, I wonder if Goro-chan below will be healed ...
Churros sandwich and glans Chupa chaps
Hey hey ... nurses are so lewd?

Grabbing my long lion with a tightly packed boobs
Let's have a nurse heal the lion ... This is not the case ...

Hey hey ... isn't this daughter awesome?
Inhale zuppoli and eggplant, hold it with man meat and keep it away!
Speaking of which ... Sister Hameoka said that the nurse after the night shift was amazing.

You can't do anything if you just shake your hips with an eggplant
What are these hands for?
I have to touch a swaying tremble in front of me.

I wo n’t let go of the meat sticks
A lot of thick soup came out.

Dreadful night nurse nurse ...
I was thinking of healing Choshi
On the contrary, it ’s too tight.

The last was overflowing, so I had a lot of drops
I'm tired today and I can't do anything.

That girl ... I'm not pregnant ...

■ □ ■ □ ■ □ ■ □ ■ □ ■ □ ■ □ ■ □ ■ □ ■ □ ■ □ ■ □ ■ □ ■ □ ■ □ ■ □ ■ □ ■ □ ■ □ ■ □ ■ □ ■ □ ■

★ Video details ★
Recording time 68:02
Format: mp4
Capacity: Approximately 1.4GB

★ Note ★
・ Purchases under the age of 18 are not permitted by law.
・ Persons appearing in the work are models that have been confirmed to be over 18 years old (graduated) as age confirmation
Shoot on contract. * We keep a copy of the ID card and a consent form for shooting.・ All characters, groups, stories, etc. appearing in this work are fiction.
・ This work is a situation video based on the script, supporting the act described,
Permission is not encouraged.

・ Contents that violate the terms of use and the laws in Japan are not included.
・ Beyond private use, such as transferring, selling, distributing, and lending purchased works to third parties
Use is prohibited regardless of whether it is paid or free.
・ This work is an original video made for the purpose of publishing.

■ □ ■ □ ■ □ ■ □ ■ □ ■ □ ■ □ ■ □ ■ □ ■ □ ■ □ ■ □ ■ □ ■ □ ■ □ ■ □ ■ □ ■ □ ■ □ ■ □ ■ □ ■ □ ■

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File Size 1.28 GB
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