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[POV Amateur 18]Beautiful long-haired black-haired sister scream


[POV Amateur 18]Beautiful long-haired black-haired sister scream
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The second stage of my foreigner Gonzo who left Japan and went abroad for a Gonzo trip.

This girl is a girl with beautiful black long hair, dia-chan (a pseudonym).

I succumbed to the power of the money, and if there was a mask, it was OK to take a picture, so I decided to take dia-chan into the room and shoot.

My blog about how to take Gonzo with this kid [Last night super express ~

Dia, who has very nice legs, has very big boobs in her underwear.

And that big breasts are amazing and soft.

But when I go to bed after taking a shower, dia seems to be in a bad mood.

If you try to be in front of the camera with dia-chan's body next to the bed, you will resist a lot.

I don't know what you're saying, but your voice seems angry.

So when the camera was placed on the foot side of the bed, there was no resistance.

Is it also a culture that you should not put your head in a place other than the pillow side of the bed?

However, this time, when I tried to rub the breasts in front of the camera, I started to resist again.

Do you feel embarrassed even if you are wearing a mask, and convert that embarrassment into anger?

However, I managed to settle down with my persuasion in appropriate English.

However, if I try to do a fingering, I will get rid of my hand and wipe the mans with toilet paper and it will be a good mood.

Also, in this country, which is hotter than Japan, I quickly get sweaty.

Maybe there was an anger towards me who would soon sweat.

I was calm when I was touching my breasts next to me, but I was refused when I tried to get a blowjob.

Unlike Japan, it is a culture that women do not have to blow.

Because there is no help for it, I will plunged dia into my dia without blowjob.

Then, just a few minutes ago, dia, who was in a bad mood, began to make a very cute panting voice at the moment of rushing.

If you just shake your hips at missionary position, dia's soft and big boobs will shake.

Compared to Japanese dick, the male dick in this country seems to be elongated.

This is a Japanese dick!

This is Japanese sex! !

And teaches Japanese sex.

If you keep swinging violently, sometimes you may feel pain, but you will feel a very pleasant panting voice and you will be more excited.

The next time I tried to go to the woman on top position, I was resisted and made all fours back.

The back is very comfortable.

The pant voice becomes even louder, and she screams with shaking her breasts and long hair.

This is Japanese sex.

It was so nice, dia slammed the bed.

Crying voices came into the pant voice.

And missionary again.

Did I realize that I was about to get ready, dia got a toilet paper in her hand.

Dia who is slammed into the dick screams with toilet paper.

And fire.

In the beginning, dia was in a bad mood, but he was in a good mood.

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