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Masturbation is a 45-year-old rubbing his clitoris with the firs


Masturbation is a 45-year-old rubbing his clitoris with the firs
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Masturbation is a 45-year-old rubbing his clitoris with the first joint of his left thumb.
Ascending immediately in the punishment chair, and attacking with an electric massage, "Stop it and stop it really!"

Faint 45
155cm43kg B80 (B) W58H82

"Honoka-san," who is slender and has small breasts, said he loved large sake and got a qualification for handy sake as a hobby.
He looked serious, but when he drank his favorite liquor his guard was loosened, and various guys passed his body, saying, "Well, well."
It seems that the number of experienced people is large, but those who have been dating and continuing the physical relationship do not seem to have much deep experience with about 5 people.

The first experience was with a 17-year-old, 21-year-old college student.
"It was just painful." Still, it was this person who taught me for the first time.
It is said that this person was used to get involved in SEX, such as current blowjobs.

In the second year of junior high school, masturbation was something I read in a magazine and tried to touch a little.
Since then, I've been on top of my underwear, and gradually to the clitoris, about twice a week.

The place is my room, before going to bed or shower masturbation in the bathroom.
It is said that there are many shower masturbations now, but this time after a long time with fingers.

In the first place there is no masturbation shooting.
I rent two 3LDK apartments, install two cameras in a room where no one is present, and come to call me when it is over,
It shows everything from the beginning to the end after wiping the dick and putting on your clothes.
However, her masturbation method is rare.
Rubbing the clitoris is the protrusion of the first joint of your left thumb!

Masturbation is 2 angles.
At first, take off the pantyhose to the standard while watching the erotic book and finger your crotch from above the panties.
The finger moves up and down the crotch while sliding the bra and touching the nipple.
Then twist your left hand and rub around your clitoris with your thumb.
The hand is up and down from the side of the panties, and the thumb is touching.
Move at a good speed.
Move your entire left hand with your hand in the gap between the panties while distorting your face.
When panting begins, pull out the panties from one leg, hold the hand, and rub the clitoris with the first joint of the thumb in a goo state, twisting it strongly and quickly.
When the speed of the hand is further increased, the body shakes violently and panting.
As soon as the panting gets bigger, it culminates, laying your body sideways and pinching your hands.
He wipes his crotch with a tissue, and his thumb as if unconscious.
Put on panty and raise pantyhose.
It is masturbation with fingers, but the first joint masturbation I saw for the first time.

Show Hinoka who has only experience of punishment chair, normal SEX, Ikinari punishment chair.
Anyway, I sat down with one panty, restrained from my feet, restrained both hands, and blindfolded.
If you crawl around the base of your thigh or around your nipples as if tracing your body with a rotor, your mouth is distorted by a slight reaction.

When you hit your nipples, your breath begins to leak, and when you hit your pubic bones you begin to float.
Exposing the clitoris from the side of the panties and hitting the rotor gives an unprecedented reaction.
"I'm starting to panting and I'm going to suffer"
Immediately say "I'm gonna do it now" and stop.
After repeating three times, you can see that the rotor is far apart, but is patient about ascending.
If you decide to ascend at a stretch to the clitoris and the clitoris, it will ascend in a flash.
As I said that I could only ascend once, I continued trying it, and if I attacked with the rotor, it was going to be ascended again, so when I visited an electric massage,
While shaking my body, I felt stiff and said, "Stop it, stop it!"
After the limbs were tied up and the nipple was over, the rotor was stuck to the nipple, and dark pubic hair protruded from the side of the panties.

--- Time --- 51min8sec
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